Why You Should Choose Liberty Automotive Protection

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Liberty automotive protection offers auto plans which assist motorists in keeping their vehicles in top condition. The car protection is done at an affordable cost thus saving you from unexpected auto repair bills. At liberty automotive protection has an extended service automotive service plans that ensure your needs and safety is taken care of

  1. How to select your liberty auto plans

You will find flexible plans at liberty automotive protection that are affordable and fit in your extended warranty budget.  There is a wide range of liberty automotive protection benefits. Moreover, the coverage warranty can go concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty or can take effect once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Consequently, each plan covers specific coverage with a deductible of $100. The protection plans are refundable and renewable thus making switching plans very easy and when you need to do so. Moreover, no additional charges for vehicle components such as GPS units, turbochargers, and sports utility among others.

  1. Types of liberty auto coverage plan

Liberty offers four automotive coverage plans;-

  • Select coverage

The select plan is a broad, full coverage policy that covers essential parts of your car. The coverage protects you against significant repair bill and is popular with new car owners. It includes; engine, turbocharger, transmission, air conditioning, sports utility, four by four, and sliding door.

  • Powertrain coverage

 Coverage only includes the engine, transmission and drive axles. They are the essential components of the power train of a vehicle that sustain high levels of wear and tear during the car usage.

However routine maintenance and repairs are not covered under this policy. This coverage is best for anyone with a new vehicle that may still be under the factory’s warranty.

  • Engine coverage

This plan covers all internally lubricates car parts of the engine such as crankshaft, pistons, camshaft and bearings, connecting rods and bearings and more.

  • Powertrain enhanced coverage

 Powertrain enhanced coverage includes engine, water pump, transmission and drive axle. Furthermore, optional enhanced coverage to include necessary electrical and air conditioning for your vehicle.

  1. Liberty Auto benefits
  • Car rental if your car is overnight repair.
  • Road assistance for you when emergencies arise when you are on the road. The services include tire changes and lockout assistance.
  • Trip interruption protection service to enable you to continue with your journey.
  • National coverage anywhere within the country at an accredited repair shop.
  • Unlimited claims – you can have many claims to the length of your coverage.
  • All the covers are transferable in the case whereby you sell your car.


At liberty automotive protection you wil get your vehicle coverage plan at an affordable price. It doesn’t matters where you are, Liberty Auto location is irrelevant; you will enjoy the auto protection benefits from anywhere in the USA. You can get your vehicle repair at any licensed repair shop facility in the country. Moreover, you are guaranteed effective and affordable repair costs at home or away. Contact us today to get a free coverage quote from our Liberty Auto customer service.

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