Why should you buy a Volkswagen in India?

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Volkswagens are a masterpiece of engineering. Besides being aesthetically beautiful, they have a high performance on any surface, are very durable and their energy consumption is quite low. In addition, the latest models are designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing emission of greenhouse gases. Today, who has a Volkswagen is a privileged person. Perhaps for that reason, Volkswagen is one of the preferred car brands in the world.

The fanaticism for Volkswagens was born in Germany. When Beetle model hit the market, millions of people could hardly believe that with an average salary they could become the owners of their own car. In the past, a car was considered a luxury item, which could only be accessible to members from the highest social classes.

Before Volkswagen brand was born, Ford Motors was the most powerful car manufacturing company in the world. The famous Ford T was the first low-cost mass produced car and the best known worldwide at the beginning of the 20th century. However, its price prevented many middle and lower class people from obtaining their own unit.

Before beginning of World War II, philosophy of socialism had spread throughout Germany. Hitler dreamed on every family had the opportunity to buy their own car, no matter how low or high was their salary. Finally, it was Ferdinand Porsche who made possible Volkswagen’s birth, the car of the people.

Since 1938, Volkswagen Company optimized the concept of mass production established by Ford, surpassing in a little more than a decade, the record of units produced established by the same company. Years later, Volkswagen was already present in every continent of the world.

Volkswagen has managed to position itself as one of the most successful car brands in Asia. For example, in India hundreds of thousands of units are produced each year. Currently, models such as Polo, Ameo, Vento, Tiguan and Passat are sold with much success in this Asian nation.

With so many Volkswagens in the streets, technical service is vital to keep them all running. In India, there are Volkswagen workshops everywhere. You can’t leave the maintenance of your Volkswagen in the hands of any mechanic. If you don’t want to take risks, the best decision is to take your car to Volkswagen workshops, where you’ll find the best professional service, original spare parts and affordable prices. Also, if your Volkswagen is new, the first year of labor service is totally free.

Goa is the richest state in India. For that reason, its inhabitants aren’t satisfied with any vehicle. They know that German vehicles are recognized as the best in the world. Therefore, the vast majority of people who want to buy a new car, always have in mind Volkswagen Goa as their first choice.

In Volkswagen Goa you can find the most modern and sophisticated German cars. People who seek the best of the best know that there’s no other place to look.

If you want to have a quality, accessible and durable car, you should think about buying a Volkswagen. There isn’t better experience than being behind the wheel of one of these. Of course, when you’re on board of your own unit, you’ll understand why there isn’t a car more comfortable and safer than a Volkswagen.

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