Why Should Car Dealers Market on the Internet?

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The coming of the internet and its subsequent proliferation has significantly changed the way people communicate with each other, the way they research and then buy their products or avail services. In a way, it has made shopping a lot easier than what it was earlier. Now people do not need to visit shops physically in order to buy the things they need. It also needs to be taken into consideration that more often than not these shops have rather limited choices to offer to you. All one needs to do is hit the internet – on their computer or their smartphones – and look up the product or service that they need or want.

Shopping for automobiles

As far as shopping for cars and such other vehicles is concerned the first place that most people these days go to is the internet. This is the first reason why your Car Dealer Marketing strategies and plans should revolve around the internet. After going through what the internet has to offer they go to their local dealerships.

Statistics to be considered

If you want a much better idea of how these things then you need to be aware of some data. PEW Research says that 75 percent of the adult people in the United States of America (USA) use the internet.

As far as activities such as product research go it is one of the best resources for them. It also helps that internet lets them buy cars without any problem whatsoever. The number of people looking for cars to buy on the internet is always increasing. In fact in the Capgemini Cars Online Study, done as far back as 2009-10, it was found that around 90 percent of the car buyers took to the internet to look for vehicles to buy.

Some more stats to contend with

If you are looking for more reasons to be convinced that Internet Marketing for Car Dealers is the way to go then you should know that 68 percent of the people look for used cars on the internet. This data has been unearthed by JD Power and Associates, which also says that the corresponding number for new vehicles is 77 percent. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) says that around 90 percent of the people in the USA use the internet in order to decide whether they would want to buy a car or not.

Increasing investments

As far as the phenomenon of internet marketing is concerned the investments have seen a steady increase especially in the last few years. In a survey, Autobytel has found that 93 percent of car dealers in the country are now dedicating more money to this particular work. This is especially applicable for the last five odd years or more. In fact, around 56 percent of these dealers have increased their budgets in these cases by 50 percent at the very least. These numbers are clear proofs of the fact that as an auto dealer it is now more important than ever to be present online.


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