Why I prefer to stick to Sacramento Airport Taxis over Uber Services

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I have always been a sucker for comfort and when I travel I like doing so in style. Who doesn’t like to have fun on the road each time you get the opportunity to leave your city for trips to a new one? One thing I have always hated is getting to the airport all stressed out and sweaty because of the mad rush I had to undergo so as not to miss my flight. I remember an experience last fall when I almost missed my flight by a hair’s breath. My home is actually less than 40 minutes to the airport but I had worked very late and only returned home less than an hour thirty minutes to my scheduled flight. I thought I could make it through but my preparation took much longer than I had planned. When I was ready, quickly took out my phone but couldn’t find my Uber app. I tried downloading the app again but for some strange reason my phone was acting up and the connection was bad. My wife never uses Uber but a conventional Sacramento Airport taxi service app so in desperation I used her phone to order for their services and the service I got in the end was beyond what I had expected. From that moment on I started doing a judgment between Uber Sacramento airport versus Sacramento airport taxis.

Uber remains one of the fastest growing customer service App for booking taxi services in Sacramento. For decades, taxi companies have dominated the scene but the revolutionary service of Uber has made taxi bookings easy and stress free. This has forced the executives of airport taxi companies to rethink their business strategy. So I am one of those who believe that Uber has indeed being a blessing to everyone who uses and doesn’t use their service. Here is a quick assessment between Sacramento Uber versus Sacramento taxis.

Easy Booking

Before my return to the use of Sacramento airport taxis I thought I had to do it the old school way. Which is walking down a major high way and flagging one down. To my surprise, I could book one while sitting at home just like I would do using an Uber app.


Uber doesn’t provide taxis to drivers as they are expected to get their own taxis. This gives passengers an advantage of choice. They could order a quality service based on preference and pocket capacity. If you know what I mean! But expecting a conventional taxi service company to offer the same type of transport vehicles will be you judging taxis based on past practices. The taxi that took me to the airport was super comfortable and I found out much later that they have different shuttle vehicles all providing varying degrees of comfort.


When doing my comparison between Uber Sacramento airport VS Sacramento airport taxi I prefer to stick to Sacramento taxis because they place a priority on safety. The drivers have identity cards and by just looking at the dashboard of the taxi, you know who exactly is driving you. Such safety measures are not given priority by Uber and this is one area I rate them below Sacramento airport taxis.

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