Why Experts Recommend the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

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When experts of the Caldwell Toyota dealer were asked about the mostly recommended midsize truck, they all named the 4Runner that has now got its 2019 year version moving on roads. They were all praise with its capability of driving much better than most of its rival trucks that share the same size. But that wasn’t the only reason behind making this truck from Toyota an all-time favorite for the drivers who find it surprisingly easy to maneuver, especially in the tight parking lots. The test drivers have always reported this vehicle to be comfortable for prolonged hours of driving, allowing  little road noise to mess up the otherwise smooth ride.

The Right Amount of Power

Experts who have years of experience in evaluating vehicles, especially the work trucks, know how important is the source of power that makes this huge mechanism perform all its heavy tasks, like transporting heavy goods, towing a trailer and reaching passengers to their destination. To make the 2019 4Runner excel in all of these duties, Toyota has powered it with a 4.0-liter V6 engine that finds its best match with a five-speed automatic, eight- and nine- and ten-speeds, transmission to raise a horsepower of 270 and a torque of 278 pound-feet.

Their driving experiences mostly matching with each other say that the 2019 4Runner made them feel having enough number of gears to match every road condition. The ruggedness in the chassis makes it more reliable than many other car-based crossovers to drive along those rugged terrain like boulder trimmed river banks, two-tracked roads, and uneven winding hilly roads.

Fuel Efficiency

The 2019 Toyota 4Runner is also a good choice when it comes to fuel efficiency. The EPA rating of this Toyota Truck counts 17 miles per gallon when driven through the congested city roads, 22 miles per gallon on the long-stretched highway, and 19 miles per gallon when the drives combine a bit of both.

The Walkaround Appearance

If you take a walkaround the 2019 Toyota 4Runner,  it will mostly look like a brawny SUV, that bumps on the look of a truck because of its nose. The overall appearance is boxy that doesn’t try to look sleek, while some chrome flash breaks down the monotony and gives it a stylish accent.

The Inside Story

As a truck the 4Runner of the 2019 year model is reasonably beautiful, cozy and comfortable. The front seats spread out wide and have the perfectly supportive angle, while Toyota offers an option to choose perforated leather upholstery, that look great and feel really  comfortable on longer trips.

The second row passengers and the outboard seats, both have enough leg and head room at with a flop-down armrest, along with supportive backrests that can be adjusted to 16 degrees.

Space for Cargo

As a truck the primary focus of the 2019 4Runner is to provide enough space to load heavy cargo. Hence, when you fold the seats flat, it leaves a fat cargo space of 47.2 cubic feet and with the second row folded, the space increases up to 90 cubic feet. This ratio pushes the 4Runner up in its segment that gives the experts of the Toyota dealer Serving Caldwell one more reason to recommend the 2019 4Runner.

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