Top 5 Weekend Destinations around Jakarta

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Do you want to get away from the crowdedness of Jakarta city? Here are the top five weekend destinations near Jakarta that might interest you.

  1. Bogor

Even though the Ragunan Zoo is worlds 3d oldest zoo and the 2nd largest on our planet, as the most remarkable is considered the Taman Safari in Bogor where visitors are urged to push throughout the park. Also, it’s possible to come within touching distance of the majority of the animals. Six wildlife shows are available, including the Wild West Show, Dolphin Show, and Elephant Show. The theme park section of Taman Safari also contains small rides and specialized exhibits that concentrate on Humboldt penguins, nocturnal animals from Indonesia and India, wallabies and kangaroos, and crocodiles.

The park also offers a petting zoo constructed to resemble the TajMahal. For a small fee, guests may take photographs with baby lions, tigers, orangutans, and leopards. Taman Safari in Bogor supplies bungalows and camping out sites which are available for visitors who wish to remain in the park overnight like there’s so much to do – an ideal option for families!

  1. Puncak

Escape the tropical warmth and enjoy the cold climate in Puncak – a probably the most famous holiday place to go for the Jakarta residents. This spectacular mountain pass is a green oasis in this spooky volcanic place, and it’s a perfect place to explore the local character, hiking and trekking.

Lush forests define the reserve, tropics waterfalls, mountains, volcanic lakes, tea plantations, and great purpose-built attractions. Notably, Agro tourism and eco-tourism boost here, also there is many stunning hotels and eco-friendly resorts constructed inside the tea plantations or rainforests.

  1. Bandung

Bandung area offers outstanding natural attractions, including volcanoes, crater lakes, hot springs, jungle waterfalls, tea plantations, and lush tropics forests, but additionally a well-developed tourist infrastructure and also reasonably excellent roads, it’s simple to move around independently. Bandung is a perfect weekend away place for families, in a four-hour drive from Jakarta.

  1. Sukabumi

Sukabumi is a feature of extraordinarily scenic panoramas. The area boasts rice fields, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and lush greenery. It’s an excellent location for river rafting and camping, hiking, boating. Also, the region is located close to the southern shoreline of Java, which also features fantastic surf conditions.

  1. Thousand Islands

Jakarta’s favorite beach weekend away destination is the nearby Thousand Islands. The stunning off-shore archipelago can be accomplished using a jetty in only a few hours from the MuaraKarang Port, plus they give a wonderful escape from the bustle and hustle of the city. PulauSeribu Marine National Park presents ample coral reef ecosystem with exotic fish and sea turtles and a beautiful mangrove forests with radiant birds and reptiles. Families will discover here magnificent holiday resorts, restaurants and several attractions like diving and snorkeling, swimming and a broad range of water sports.

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