Tips to Wow the Judges and Audience at Your Next Car Show

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One thing you’ll notice at car shows is that all cars look nice, clean and each one stands out in some form. If you want to be in a car show and stand a chance to win the awards and prizes, your vehicle will have to stand out as well. There is a cost associated with cleaning up the car to make to make it car-show ready and it doesn’t even take into account the numerous modifications you may have already made on the car.

The following tip should help you make your car more presentable for the car show;

  • Begin By Cleaning the Car

The first step to making your car presentable for the car show is to clean the inside. Every corner of your car needs to be clean and if you are going to have time for the car to dry, you’ll need to begin with the inside. To make it presentable, you will need to clean every area of the vehicle, even behind the seats. If you can, take out the seats and clean the whole interior of the vehicle.

But as important as cleaning the inside of the car is, you need to be extra careful when cleaning the exterior of the car. You don’t want to damage the paint you’ve worked so hard to get right. So, as much as you want the body clean, use only soft materials to clean the body. While cleaning the exterior, you want to pay close attention to some aspects of the car. For example, you may want to polish the rims and lighting fixtures to make them stand out more.

  • Touch Up the Car

While cleaning your car, it is not uncommon to find a few imperfections that you may have missed during modifications. Even if it is just a smudge of paint that doesn’t belong or a small crack, you want to do your best to get rid of these imperfections. These little things that you may consider insignificant can significantly reduce your scores. Take the time to make sure that everything is shiny and appealing before the show.

Adding show plates can also be a fantastic way to draw attention to your car and audience at any show or event – make your own plate here:

  • Take Care of or Replace the Tires

Of all the aspects of your car at the car show, tires are pretty important. It is ideal to have the rims shiny and clean. But it is just as important to ensure that the tread is good. If your regular tires have poor tread, you may want to consider buying new tires for the show.

  • Auto Literature

You may also want to take the time to present all the documentation for the vehicle including the owner’s manual, shop manuals and even original advertising brochures. If you have documented the restoration and modifications from beginning to end, you can interact with audience better if you share an album of this process with them. A well-put together display is one of the ways to impress the judges and your auto literature may just be the added boost you need.

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