Things to Know about Truck spares

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Maintaining a vehicle is one of the important duties of an owner of that vehicle. For better maintenance, the owner should be aware of his vehicle. Trucks are used especially for commercial purposes. Hence, whenever any part of the truck goes wrong, it should be taken care of. So you have to maintain the truck spare to avoid any sudden issues. 

Details about Truck spares:

Air Brake System:

The air brake system is generally used on heavy trucks and buses. It is a kind of friction brake system where the air is used as the compression media for brake pads. Five essential parts that are present in this system are:

  • Compressor: It is used to build up and maintain pressure
  • Reservoirs: It stores the compressed air
  • Foot valve: It is used to draw compressed air from reservoirs when it is needed for braking
  • Brake chambers: This chamber will transfer the force of compressed air to mechanical linkages
  • Brake shoes and drums: It is used to create the friction needed to stop the vehicle 


As an owner or operator, one should be clear about the type of work for which they use the truck. The average load weight, the type of terrain where you will be traveling, the kind of trailer you are pulling, etc. are some of the concerns to be concerned. 

Heavy vehicles need high torque which can be satisfied by diesel engines. Diesel engines are better than petrol engines in producing high torque. Higher torque comes from the need for a high compression ratio needed ignition. To achieve a high compression ratio, a longer stroke is required. The longer stroke comes from a greater crankshaft offset which gives greater torque. 

Wheels and Tires: 

The type of riding you perform will be influenced by the size of the wheels and tires of your truck. For instance, for regular off-road riding, especially over rough, rocky or otherwise extreme terrain, you will need a heavy-duty wheel with tires at least 35 inches or 37 inches in diameter. The more aggressive tread design is required for muddy, sloppy terrain than hard-packed wilderness floor would require. 

Truck wheels and tires should be manufactured from high-quality materials. Multi-ply construction is important for durability and rough trials, for tires. 

There are two types of wheels, based on the material they are made up of. They are alloy and steel. Steel wheels are perfect for hardcore off-roading, where you need a tough, durable rim. The alloy wheel is perfect for speed or heavy-duty braking such as towing. 



A central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear is known as an axle. Either, the axle is fixed to the wheels, rotating with them, or is fixed to the vehicles, with the wheels rotating around the axle. Tandem or dual axle is good for trucks because it can handle heavy loads. 


Light is very important for driving, especially when it comes to night driving. High-performance lamps are required for trucks for durability. Over time lamps project less light and that reduces driver’s nighttime visibility. To get the full benefit, change the lamps in pairs before they burn out. 

Visit the authorized distributors that work as an affiliate of the original manufacturers to buy a best truck spare. You can visit the store from where you bought your truck and you can get the best parts for your truck. 

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