The Visionary Approach of Mazda Towards Automotive Industry

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All of us who love cars are into the same opinion that cars are not only meant to be used as a mere transport. A drive with our own car means a lot more both for the one who drives and the people who are invited inside to enjoy the ride. But what about the manufacturers? How do they view things when they make a car? The answer is very simple. Had they not been nurturing the same vision or even something beyond, they wouldn’t have been able to make a product that attracts so many people around. So when we asked the same question to one of the senior-most executives who serves at the Mazda dealer Riverside, he was overjoyed to share with us the following facts:

He started with the confession that each person who works at Mazda shares the same passion in which they all enjoy “fulfilling lives through cars”. He continued that at Mazda each person who contributes in its design and making envision the cars they make to be existing sustainably in tune with the earth and human society. They pledge to continue to work hard to come out successful from after facing the unpredictable challenges the unpredictable situations throw at them and deal with them through creative ideas.

The Mazda Approach

They say, at Mazda thee are few basic motivating guidelines that prompt each designer and engineer to make a design that combines technology to achieve the following

  1. Brighten up the lives of people through the ownership benefits of the Mazda car.

2.Offer unique cars that are made to sustain the earthly environment and human society and are useful to more number of people.

  1. Embrace the offbeat challenges and seek the solutions to master the Doh (meaning “Way” or “Path”) of instinctive creativity.

The Mazda Brand Essence

As a brand Mazda carries and passes on its essence to every car they make. And the essence is all about “Celebrate Driving”. It is a concept created and developed through decades by Mazda and is not only about the overall driving performance. It is about every encounter that a car owner or driver experiences with Mazda. It is all about evoking the emotion that evolves out of the joy of motion and makes the hearts beat with the excitement of exploring the unknown.

The essence of “Celebrate Driving” that Mazda follows and maintains was explained to us at the Riverside area Mazda dealership that can be observed in the following aspects of each Mazda car:

Mazda encourages in every model to maintain a streak of defiance at the face of challenges taking them as a mode of adventure. It prompts every Mazda to drive and move ahead boldly where no other wheel has ever rolled before.

Mazda takes a long and winding road of creating a vehicle that is made out of passion and innovation. The Rotary engine, the SKYACTIV revolution and many other can be sited as the best examples of this approach of Mazda.

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