The Shop Management System from Tekmetric That is Revolutionizing the Repair Industry

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Running an auto body shop is more than just having a customer pull in and get to work right away. It involves parts inventory, ordering, employee information, client accounts and payments, vendor information and appointments. Without the proper shop management system, it can be downright impossible to keep track of all of these aspects to a busy auto body repair shop. If you own multiple locations, it’s even more difficult to keep a close eye on what’s going on and how everything is being operated.

What is a Shop Management System?

Using a shop management system is one of the best things that you can do as a technician or repair shop owner. The program is designed to organize your shop’s internal workings and keep track of all different accounts, issues and work orders that are coming through on a daily basis. In order to maximize profits as well as improve efficiency and organization, the program must be used on a regular basis to keep your information managed in a more appropriate manner.

Key Benefits to Using One

Whether you own one shop or have multiple shops across the country, the Tekmetric shop management system seamlessly works with all of your businesses and work orders to provide a better experience for the customer. Some of the key benefits of using this type of program include:

  • Work order access and organization
  • Employee scheduling and management
  • Vendor information
  • Parts inventory and one-click ordering
  • Appointments
  • Quotes for customers within seconds
  • Build an estimate order within minutes
  • Measure job profitability
  • Paperless invoicing and payment information

Why Tekmetric is the Preferred Choice

Tekmetric is one of the absolute best shop management programs on the market right now. The company has designed a seamless software that can work with a variety of different shops offering a myriad of different services. Because the company has been working on this program for years, they are continually making changes to upgrade the service to better suit their customers. You can visit the Tekmetric website and download a free demo to give the program a try for yourself. Not only did Tekmetric integrate a range of features within the program itself, but they kept the software affordable and easy to use even for those who aren’t computer or tech-savvy.

How to Use It and Keep it in the Cloud

To use the shop management system, you’re going to want to download it to your computer and then release it into the cloud. The program does most of this for you, which leaves you to simply customize the software to your shop’s specifications. Once the program has been released into the cloud, Tekmetric can be accessed by virtually any worker in the shop who has access to the account on their phone, laptop or tablet. In fact, because the program is stored in the cloud, you can even access it from home or from another location if you own multiple shops.

The Tekmetric program is ideal for the smallest of repair shops and the largest of corporations handling vehicle and automotive repair and body work. Because the software is easy and quick to use, it can be integrated seamlessly into your everyday work practice. You will find that by using a program like the one that Tekmetric offers, your shop runs more efficiently and work orders get done quicker. Plus, you will be able to interact with customers quickly when they are in need of a quote or need additional information on their account or how to make payments to you on their repairs.

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