The Many Benefits of Using a Hydraulic Piston Pump

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The field of a hydraulics is complicated, and it seems like new technology is coming out all the time. Many people who have worked in this field have likely heard about the use of gear pumps. Even though gear pumps are tried and true, piston pumps have been rising in popularity. What are some of the perks of using a hydraulic piston pump? Why might someone elect to use this instead of the typical gear pump?

A Piston Pump Generates a Higher Horsepower

One of the first benefits of switching to a hydraulic piston pump is that is delivers a higher horsepower. This means that the piston pump is able to generate a greater amount of force. Gear pumps are only to provide a single amount of flow because it uses a fixed displacement. As the horsepower on the piston pump increases, more flow is required. Use a device that delivers a higher horsepower by employing a piston pump.

Efficiency is Greater with a Piston Pump

As machines become more advanced, they are performing more jobs. With this added number of functions, each part requires a different amount of flow. While a gear pump cannot adjust to this change in demand, a piston pump can. This means that piston pumps are more efficient. A piston pump can vary its flow to meet the different demands, making it more efficient. As the demand changes, the piston pump will change as well.

More Control with a Piston Pump

It can be hard to exercise control over a gear pump, as this is done using valving and a manifold. On the other hand, a piston pump can be controlled in multiple ways. Some of the methods through which someone can control a piston pump include:

  • Load sensing
  • Electronic Displacement
  • Altering the torque
  • Remote pressure control
  • Pressure compensation

With so many choices at someone’s disposal, piston pumps are very flexible. This adds a new level of control to the machine that is not present with a basic gear pump.

Varying the Cooling Needs of Machines

Between different machines, the cooling needs vary. Some machines run better at certain temperatures and, therefore, the cooling requirements are different as well. Fortunately, a piston pump can vary its function to meet this cooling need. There is a fan drive system that is present. The fan speed changes based on the temperature needs of the machine. This only adds to the flexibility of a piston pump.

Help from the Professionals

Anyone with questions or concerns about a hydraulic piston pump should contact the professionals to learn more. Incorporate piston pumps today to increase efficiency, decrease overhead, and improve production!

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