The Important Question You Need to Ask a Seller

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More and more people prefer to buy cars that are already used and new cars can’t be afforded by everybody. But not only this, the trend can be attributed to the fact that a new car loses its value by nearly one third in the first year of use. When you are buying a new car, there is no room for bargaining; you pay what the manufacturer asks. The moment you drive the car out of the showroom, depreciation begins.

If you buy online from autotrademax; however, the brunt of the depreciation has already been borne by the original owner. You will be able to buy a slightly old car at a fraction of its original price. So, the rush to buy used cars instead of new one makes perfect sense in this light.

That being said, you can still end up being a loser if you don’t ask the right questions and as a result, end up with a vehicle that’s more junk then car.

Who owned the car originally?

If you are at a dealership, then the question might not have much significance, but if you are buying from a private seller, then the answer is important. If the seller is the original owner, then you can get a more detailed account of the history of the car including major repairs, significant and persistent problems etc. An honest seller will offer you insights into the performance of the car and what issues you may encounter should you buy the car.

When was the last maintenance done?

Most car owners maintain a servicing log, and dealerships can’t sell a car if the log is not available. So, when you ask the seller this question, you expect them to answer in the affirmative. Scrutinize the log and check the timeline to see whether the servicing was timely or intermittent. If there are any persistent problems, then you will find evidence of that in the log as well.

Can I get the car checked out by my mechanic?

You should ask this question before you buy online from either a dealer or a private seller. Dealers are supposed to have the vehicles pre-checked and certified, but it will give you added peace of mind if you get an inspection done by a third party. If you’re buying from a private seller, then the inspection is essential.

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