The History of Armstrong Tires

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There is nothing wrong with supporting a new local business, but there are times when an established company such as Armstrong Tires can provide a peace of mind backed by our solid reputation within the community. They provide fantastic car tires in New Jersey and also have a retail outlet in Miami. Having been in business for over a hundred years, you can rest assured we’ll still be here when you need our services.

In 1912, when the first cars were being produced and before many people even realized the need for a specialty tire business, George F. Armstrong opened a company out of a small loft to serve New Haven, CT car owners when they needed new tires or routine maintenance for their cars. The basic principle of the business was to provide a great product backed by reputable service guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction, and the philosophy holds true as much today as it did back then. We’ve been able to stay in business for over a century not only because we provide a much needed service, but also because we stay on top of the newest trends and technologies which affect your car.

When it comes to car tires, we take pride in being able to meet any need you might have. We provide heavy duty tires for commercial trucks, lightweight economy tires for small cars, premium performance tires for either new or classic sports cars, and anything imaginable in between. We offer sets of tires at a reasonable price, and we also provide full service when you only need a repair or a replacement spare tire.

You’ll find our sales staff and technicians to be friendly and helpful towards any need you may have. If you have any tire needs in the New Jersey or surrounding areas, give us a call at our local branch so we can get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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