The Advantages of Tinting your Car Windows

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There are several advantages to tinting the windows in your car. Window tinting filters out 99% of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that the sun produces. When you tint your vehicle’s windows, you also lower the internal temperature of the vehicle. The window tinting will also greatly reduce the fading of seat covers, carpets, and other parts of the cars interior.

Window tinting can reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle by 60%. With this heat reduction, your car’s air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard, helping you save on the amount of gasoline you use to keep your car running.

Tinted glass is also a safety measure. In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident, tinted windows will help prevent broken glass from shattering and will allow the occupants of the vehicle to push the glass outward once it has been broken. In addition to this benefit, window tint prevents would-be thieves from breaking the glass. Tinted windows make it very difficult to break the windows from the outside in– even if the glass has already been broken.

Tinting your vehicle’s windows allows the occupants of the vehicle more privacy. Furthermore, the tint protects belongings left inside the vehicle from potential would-be thieves who may see your possessions and break a window to take them.

Finally, one of the main safety reasons people get their windows tinted is to protect their vision from the glare of sunlight or anything else that might be reflected in or near the road.

When deciding to tint your car windows, you need to ensure that the technician installing your tinting is a certified, trained professional.

If you are looking for good window tinting, one standout is the Llumar ATC brand. It is a scratch resistant, traditionally dyed film with a lifetime warranty; it also has a cut-out brake light and a heat rejection rate of 34-42%.

There is also the better window tinting option, Llumar ATR. While it has many of the same benefits of the ATC brand, it is a high performance tint that rejects 46-63% of heat, has 99% UV ray protection, and a one piece back case for most cars.

Finally, there is the best tint–the Llumar CTX. This brand has extreme heat reduction (50 – 72%), film enabled signals, one piece back glass in most cars, a nationwide lifetime warranty, advanced scratch resistance, and 99% UV protection

No matter the quality level, Llumar window tinting never turns purple, bubbles or peels. It is scratch resistant and if you are ever in an accident, any shattered glass will stay in place –protecting you and your passengers.

While there are different options for window tinting, all three offer protection from UV sunlight and scratches. As you are considering window tinting, remember that it is a smart and safe choice.

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