Tata Motors Working On All-Electric Nexon for India

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Tata motors are not just a name. It is a big change itself. It is one of the biggest industries nowadays whose name is in the mouth of everyone. It is one of the successful industries in India which had spread its branches all over the world. It is linearly succeeding and reaching the apex. The company had also played a pivotal role in generating more and more employment in the country thus taking part in the country’s development.

Tata motors keep on modification of its products that are vehicles. There are many upgradations done thus enhancing the vehicle’s style, comfort as well as some more other features. There is also a new creation of Tata motors coming at the point nowadays which is the creation of Tata Nexon. Its beauty is also marvelous. There are many varieties in it which are XZ, XZ+, XM, XMA, XE etc., available at affordable costs.

Apart from all these, Tata Motors is planning to launch a new Tata Nexon with its all-electric version for India. The motor that is going to be used in this brand new model of Tata Nexon is yet to be known. Currently, it is triggered by a three-phase induction motor. The battery of the newer model car will take up to six hours to charge completely which can be brought down to ninety minutes by up gradation. It is a standard model and will remain the same. It will be one of the top models in the country.


  • The disadvantage of such electric Tata Nexon is that its look is not funny at all. The recent model that came into view is of compact design. It looks good from most angles but the rear view is not good at all. The design is not as per the taste of people.
  • Also, Tata Nexon does not offer adequate space at rear side although being a 5 seater. Even the bench is not perfect and compatible enough for three peoples to adjust on it.
  • In addition to these, the head rooms are also short.
  • Crossover and clutch pedal is kept very close to each other thus making it a little discomfort for the one who will drive.
  • The windows are also narrow.

Despite the disadvantages, there are advantages offered by this electric vehicle.


  • It is smooth and convenient for driving.
  • It is available in all the price ranges which vary according to the need which means that it is affordable for every class people.
  • It also has a nice audio system providing the best quality speaker.
  • The utility spaces in the cabin are also large and spacious.
  • In addition to these, there is a central slide-opening storage.

However, the new model of Tata Nexon can be a good investment due to its features and aids it offers. It is also taking a major part in controlling pollution and environment.

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