Suzuki Spares: Why it's best to stay genuine with your motorcycle parts

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Over the years, the Suzuki motorcycle has made a name and curved out a uniquely positive reputation for itself at the world stage. The mechanical and technological improvements incorporated since its first motorcycle was built in 1952 have solidified its position as an equal among its “big four” Japanese peers. Ever since, Suzuki has made it its mission to develop a flawless series of bikes for all kinds of users. Its famous road-racers have clinched world titles. The fierce Hayabusa 1340cc is a jewel in the crown for all speed junkies. It can easily cruise up to speeds of 200mph within the blink of an eye. A similar story may be said of its off-road counterpart the RMZ450 which is a champion in its own right. The King Quad ATV will climb the steepest slope like its racing on a beach. It’s a piece of cake for this Suzuki off-road monster. For track enthusiasts, the GSXR is a complete package of beauty, speed and agility. You should see this bike sweeping through corners; you’ll definitely fall in love with this sweet machine. Its street credibility is also in the range of its sisters in the Boulevard series.

The advantage which comes with a highly reputed motorcycle brand as is the case with Suzuki is the availability of genuine spare parts. This is not to say that generic parts aren’t available, no, genuine Suzuki parts are incomparable to any of their generic counterparts. When shopping for a motorcycle replacement spares, it’s always best to stay genuine with your motorcycle parts. In the paragraph that follows, we have endeavoured to clearly depict the advantages stemming out of sticking to genuine Suzuki spare parts for your motorcycle.

Benefits of using genuine motorcycle parts

  • Parts are of good quality. The manufacturer of the motorcycle tends to produce good quality parts which have undergone series of intense trials in making sure that they are able to work efficiently in the motorcycle.
  • Perfect fit and compatibility. Using Suzuki parts for Suzuki motorcycles is a tremendous idea for a rider. Other than quality, the parts fit perfectly just like ‘lock and key’ and are compatible with the machine. Why wouldn’t they fit and they are made specifically for that bike? This reduces the risks of having parts falling from the motorcycle while riding.
  • Genuine parts are safe to use. Everyone loves life, life is so sweet. It will be a shame having your life it cut short just because of using generic parts. Genuine parts apart from being of superior quality they are carefully engineered to be able to withstand factors like heat and combustion. These parts have been thoroughly inspected and thus proven fit for use.
  • Warranty. Manufacturer of Suzuki parts offer users a one-year warranty. This is so cool! You get to take it back for free repair if damage occurs in the set period.
  • Insurance policy. We all know how crucial and important it is to get one. Envisage yourself involved in an accident and the insurance company refuses to make good your insurance claim just because you did not use the original part for your vehicle. This can be so disappointing and humiliating. Why risk your policy from getting nullified just because of such a simple act? So, go on get yourself those original spare parts for your motorcycle.
  • Removes confusion in customers. Procuring the best part for your motorcycle is a hustle especially if you do not have the slightest idea what you ought to look for when you are in a store. Have no fear, for original equipment manufacturer shops have your back. In the store there will only be one type of the part in question and it is of superior quality.
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