Some secrets that will boost the power of your transmission system

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Having your vehicle run for decades without major mechanical mishap requires a combination of expertise, cautiousness, grit, and maintenance. The transmission system ages with each mileage you make. Maintaining the same power or boosting it may require some unknown or known secrets which we at times ignore.

The transmission system affects your traction, stability, speed, power conversion, and mileage indirectly if not directly. If you want to keep your NSG370 transmission system running for generations, here are some tips.

1.    Change the transmission fluid regularly

It is advisable to change the transmission fluid after a mileage of 8000km for your new or rebuilt NSG370 transmission system. After that, you can change after every three years.

Synthetic transmission is the best option if it is compatible with your model. The fluid has a longer transmission life and keeps your machine in excellent condition. Burnt trans fluid will put your system on the verge of failing any time. Therefore, if you are uncertain of its condition, you can flush or drain the system before the need to search for an NSG370 transmission system for sale arises.

2.    Go slow on your transmission

It might be fun to drive at top speed and swerve around curves in a traffic-free road. However, you may be in for a rude shock especially if the weather is extremely hot or cold. Prompt accelerations will also take you to the mechanic soon than later. When your NSG370 is prone to regular repairs from careless driving, it will not only shorten its lifespan but also reduce its power. Never fire up your car to top speed after starting because it does wear the gears.

3.    Maintain the wheels and tires

The end receivers of the power generated by the engine are the tires. Maintaining the threads and ensuring the wheels are in alignment will enhance power transmission. You will not have to engage the full gear to attain optimum speed. Ensure that the friction points are greased. Traction controls used in Formula 1 are a perfect example of how wheels and tires can boost the power of a transmission system.

4.    Change the filters regularly

The filters are constantly engaged to ensure no dirt gets to the sensitive parts of the trans. Replace them as per your manufacturer’s schedule to ensure the optimum transmission. The plugs have magnetic fields which are designed to trap metallic particles. You should clean them when draining the system or replace them if they are worn out.

5.    Regular servicing

You don’t have to wait for a breakdown to visit a mechanic. It is advisable to have your transmission serviced regularly. The professional can easily identify any probable mishap before your remanufactured NSG370 transmission system blows up. You will also get some maintenance tips to keep your machine in good shape.

These tips will not only boost the power of your transmission system, but they will also increase its lifespan..

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