Signs Indicating You Should Change Your Tires

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Tire is one of the important parts of a vehicle. A worn or a poorly inflated tire can cause an accident. It is thus very important to evaluate the condition of your tire on a periodic basis and change it whenever required.  We have provided a list of reasons that need a change in tire.

Treading Water

Tire tread is mainly used to direct water away from under the tire, improve traction on damp roads and lower the probabilities of hydroplaning. When tread wore out, then the surface of the tire becomes very smooth. It then significantly loses its driving capability in the wet-weather season.

It is advisable to get the tire tread replaced when it is 1/16th of an inch. This implies that the tire is not safe and should be replaced as early as possible so as to save yourself from any troubles later on. Multifix is one of the genuine and trustworthy companies that provides remarkable towing services to its customers.

Explosive Potholes

A worn tire can cause a lot of problems when it comes to driving on wet surfaces. Treads that are thin are more susceptible to complete failure when they are put under stress. Nasty potholes can cause so much destruction to your tire even when the tread is kept in good condition. So, check to see if there are any abnormal bulges present on the sidewall. If you notice any bulge, then you must rehvivahetus immediately irrespective of tread wear.

Advantage of a new tire

Tire it is the only part of the vehicle that has a contact with the surface of the road. It requires regular monitoring of its condition and replaces it accordingly. Compare to the advantage that a new tire brings, it is worth spending a few more bucks in investing in a good set of tires. A few benefits of fresh set of tires are explained below:


Investment in brand new tires provides a healthy and safe driving experience. It offers a cushion of safety for another 65,000 to 1 lakh miles and increases the ability of the vehicle to run turn or stop.

Heighted Performance

The quality of tire determines the distance that is needed for your vehicle to stop, accelerate or turn. It determines the amount of power that your vehicle can exert to the ground, and required to apply brakes to control it safely. If you are planning to buy a tire, then choose the ones from performance category. These tires offer remarkable performance for all reasons and activities such as racing.

Improved Gas Mileage

The tire condition can have a drastic impact on the gas. With tires that have worn out and have unlevelled tread pattern can drastically impact the gas mileage. In those cases, your vehicle will have to work a lot harder. For the best results, you need to get your tires properly mounted, and balanced. Ensure that they are always inflated to the right pressure.


If you can relate to any of these reasons, then it is the right time to get your tires changed. Timely evaluation and change of tire not just prevent you from fatal accidents but also keeps your vehicle in the best running state.

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Everett Shoemaker has written this article. Multifix is a reputed company that offers vehicle repairing, rehvivahetus and towing services to their clients.  We provide superior quality tires that have deeper functioning designs and treads that are designed for long trips. It helps in providing a smoother and pleasant ride.


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