Royal Protection Plan: A Cloud With A Silver Lining

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In the world of insurance, the unexpected can be a little unfamiliar if you aren’t accustomed to experiencing sudden harm or loss. You bought a new car, it’s running smoothly, what’s the worst that could happen, right. But out of the blue, it starts bellowing out smoke, making the scary, screechy sounds that make you terrified to turn the ignition! Car problems are the norm. It could be something as small as a dead tail light or as complicated as engine failure, it doesn’t really matter. What does count, however, is having a service plan in the form of an extended auto warranty. At Royal Protection Plan we guarantee protection against those frustratingly inconvenient repair costs that would ordinarily leave your wallet gasping for breath.

A Cushion To Break Your Fall

Driving a car without a warranty is a real risk. Without one, you’re forced to foot the often costly bills of any incidental repairs. It’s especially more imperative for people on a low, fixed income, as they can run into financial ruin.

Upon the expiration of your existing warranty, you’ll be left out in the open, akin to being in the middle of a thunderstorm without an umbrella. The good news is that it’s possible to maintain your cover  whilst converting it to an extended warranty, and for a fair surcharge too. So at a time when insurers are streamlining their offerings in order to lure only affluent clients, Royal Protection is doing the opposite. As a provider of extended cover we are loyal to our vision, which is to give clients comprehensive cover at affordable rates.

When we speak of extended cover we mean exactly that: cover that ‘goes beyond’ the ordinary. Our warranty is flexible and includes:

* Nationwide reach. We have our footprint on every inch of America, allowing you to access our services wherever you go!

* Roadside assistance. A fast, reliable and dedicated team of technicians who work 24/7 to attend to your every need.

* Transitional aid. It happens that car problems can leave you stranded with nowhere to sleep. So if you find yourself stranded 100 miles from home, with no idea where you’re going to sleep or what you’re going to eat, know that we’ll pay you $75/day for food and accommodation. We also provide you with a car rental to keep you mobile whilst your car is in the shop.

* Lockout services. Besides the fact that it’s embarrassing to lock yourself out, Locksmiths are expensive.

25 years in the auto insurance business is no joke. Dealing with clients from various backgrounds -all with unique problems of their own- teaches you to be modest and understanding. Our extended warranty policies are therefore adapted to suit different life scenarios. Give us a call today and find how we can give you peace of mind.

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