Prepare Your Car for Spring in 5 Easy Steps

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Winter is not the only time of the year when your car needs professional care. As soon as the snow melts down and the first daffodils start to bloom, you need to do a seasonal checkup and prepare your car for the warmer days. This way, you’ll save yourself the trouble (and money) later in the year.

Here’s how to prepare your care for spring, in 5 easy steps.

  1. Do a Check-Up

The first two things you need to check in springtime are your car’s battery and tires.

Both tend to wear off over winter. Temperature plays an important role in the performance of your battery – at colder temperatures, its ability to provide sufficient power is significantly diminished. If it’s fairly new, take it to a part shop for a free check-up. If not, it may be smart to change it in advance.

Winter can wreak havoc on your car’s tires as well. While cold weather leads to pressure loss, snow, ice, and salt can damage your tire’s rubber, making it more rigid and brittle. Also, by making sure that they are fully functional and filled up to the recommended air pressure, you’re saving money on gas.

  1. Change Your Oil

Take your car for a short drive and wait for about five minutes for it to cool down. Then pull out the dipstick from under the hood, wipe it with a cloth or towel, and put it back in. After you pull it out for the second time, you’ll be able to see the oil line. If it’s lower than recommended, change the oil.

  1. Replace Wipers

Snow can damage your car’s windshield wipers too. If you’re using a budget-friendly variant, it may be a good idea to change them every season. If not, check them for wears and act accordingly. If needed, don’t forget to top off your windshield wiper fluid and reapply your windshield treatments.

  1. Visit a Car Wash

Rock salt is used on roads to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice, but these large particles are not particularly safe for your car’s metal parts. When exposed to salt, metal can suffer corrosive damage. That is why experts recommend washing your car in winter or as soon as the snow melts.

  1. Get a Carport

Metal carports are a brilliant protective solution against harsh winter weather.

If you still don’t have one, use spring as an opportunity to buy and install your first carport at a more affordable price. It will come in handy when the temperatures go up and the sun presumes its reign for the summer. Sturdy metal carports are the best protection for your vehicle no matter the climate.

Spring is a great time to get your car ready for another year of adventures.

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