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NCWC Inc. has served thousands of vehicle owners in the U.S. for two decades, offering consumer service agreements for people who want peace of mind. The company’s high-quality, affordable service plans are backed by their attentive and experienced service department.

Every NCWC Inc. auto warranty comes in a variety of configurations for all kinds of owner needs. What are the NCWC Inc. benefits and the different kinds of service plans? Here’s a quick look at the benefits for all plan holders and the four types of coverage consumers can choose from.

NCWC Inc. Benefits Available on All Service Plans

NCWC Inc. auto warranty plans, discussed below, are designed for the different needs of drivers. However, every plan comes backed with a core set of features that set NCWC Inc. apart from other providers in the market. The eight program benefits are just one of the ways that the company goes above and beyond the typical offerings.

No-cost payment plan

Car rental

Roadside assistance

Lockout assistance

Trip interruption protection

Transferable coverage

National coverage

Unlimited number of claims

The Four Basic Plans Offered by NCWC Inc.

Plans offered by NCWC Inc. were created to meet the needs of different types of drivers. With a menu of diverse programs on tap, any driver can choose the one that makes the most sense in terms of coverage and pricing. Here are the four programs available:

Select coverage: This plan offers the topmost protection and is designed to cover all of the most important components of a vehicle’s engine. For the maximum in peace of mind, this is the coverage selected by many owners of brand new vehicles who want to rest easy about potential repairs.

Engine coverage: The engine coverage plan is the basic offering and the lowest priced as well. For older cars that need parts coverage and have high-mileage already, this is the ideal plan. It covers all the internally-lubricated components in a motor and acts as good protection against some very expensive, common repairs that owners of classic vehicles often cannot avoid.

Powertrain coverage: Transmission, engine and drive axles are covered on this popular plan. Vehicle owners can even add on special coverage for four-wheel-drive vehicles, 4-by-4s, and vehicle turbochargers.

Powertrain enhanced coverage: For gas or diesel powered engines, the vehicle’s transmission, the drive axle, turbo or super-chargers, water pumps, and add-ons that include essential electrical systems and the air conditioner.

No one can predict when a vehicle might need to be repaired. With NCWC Inc. benefits, there’s plenty of peace of mind built into every one of the four plans. Vehicle owners can choose from a variety of plans and take the headaches out of owning a car or truck.

Each NCWC Inc. auto warranty comes with an accompanying menu of 7 key types of protection that include national coverage, lockout assistance, rental benefits, roadside assistance, transferable coverage, trip interruption protection and unlimited claims.

What’s more, every plan offered by NCWC Inc. is fully renewable, completely refundable and carry a deductible of just $100. To get the highest possible value and peace of mind, consumers around the nation continue to choose NCWC Inc. auto warranty plans for big savings on car and truck repair expenses, year in and year out.

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