Major Houston Hyundai dealerships

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The Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 along with its owned subsidiaries Kia Motors and Genesis Motors. It has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. It is the 3rd largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. It has six R&D centers, which are located in South Korea, Germany, Japan and India.

How to become a Hyundai Car dealer

Hyundai began selling cars in the United States. Hyundai partners with car dealers under a franchise agreement. The dealers are approved to sell Hyundai cars in exchange for fees after meeting with the requirements of the company. Some of the requirements as stated by Hyundai are:

  • The dealership has to be in business for a minimum of two years. There should be proper track record maintained the dealers in order to apply for dealership.
  • An application regarding Hyundai sales and service has to be filled. The dealer has to provide information about car sales experience, financial condition, bank and personal reference.
  • Hyundai wants experienced and professional sales executives. The dealer has to conduct proper recruitment process when it comes to selection of potential candidate.
  • Submission of relevant documents along with the application form duly filled and sent via mail or post.
  • Payment of fees required for franchise and co-opts advertising fees. The fees vary in accordance with location, size and other factors of the dealership.

List of Hyundai Dealership in HoustonLuxurious Cars

Houston is a large metropolis in the U.S state of Texas and is densely populated.  It is also nicknamed as ‘Space City’ and is home to a various cultures from across the country.

Major Houston Hyundai Dealerships are as follows:

  • Texan Hyundai in Rosenberg: It provides professional service to its customers. It has sales force of experienced staff that is always ready to render their service to their clients.
  • Hub Hyundai on Hwy 290: They are one of the famous Houston Hyundai Dealerships centers with the largest Hyundai inventory in Houston, ranging from Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata and the new Hyundai Tuscon. It deals in both new and pre-owned cars. They have been in business for over 35 years and offers the customers some perks when visiting their centres.
  • North Freeway Hyundai, spring: A team of highly qualified technicians and staff members provide the service in a timely manner. They deal in dealership of new and pre-owned cars. It also offers effective incentives to the clients.
  • Sterling McCall Hyundai, Houston: It offers large selection of used vehicles for sale, as well as certified pre-owned inventories at reasonable price. Genuine Hyundai parts are available for service purpose with effective maintenances and repair. For customers looking forward to buy new vehicle, Sterling McCall provides for great lease deals and financing.
  • South Loop Hyundai, Houston: South Loop Hyundai in Houston serves at various locations with new and old car options. It provides discount offers to first-time buyers and local college graduates near the dealership. Client looking for financial help are given proper assistance by the dealership.


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