Keeping Your Car in-Tune with Perth’s Weather

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Living, working, or driving in Perth, most know that from time to time, its weather can drastically change. From sunny mornings to rainy afternoons, Perth’s weather can be unpredictable. ‘Premier Car Removal Perth’ offers Money for Cars up to $7000 provide car owners the following tips to keep their cars in-tune with Perth’s changing seasons.

Tune Ups

For the longevity of your car tune-ups are necessary. They also help to keep your car in tip-top shape regardless of the weather. One bad spark plug can put a strain on the engine, causing it to consume more oil. Regular tune-ups are necessary for the life of the engine; and, one sure sign that a tune up is needed is starting problems, rough idling state, and stalling problems. Regular tune-ups also ensure that the car is ready for seasonal changes.  

Oil Change

Regular oil changes are essential for the health of your car. Clean oil increases the life of the car and improves its fuel efficiency. Without regular oil changes, expect dirty emissions and breakdowns, as well as problems with other working engine parts. Your oil filter should also be changed regularly.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner should be serviced by an authorised mechanic, and should always be checked prior or during the hot weather. An authorised mechanic is especially important as car conditioners contain ozone-damaging chemicals and improper handling of service can cause these damaging chemicals to escape into the air.

Cooling Systems

Each 24 months, coolant needs to be completely drained and refilled. During maintenance intervals, it is important that the levels are checked and maintained. Cars overheating during the hot weather is common and the cost of repair can be high.


Car batteries need to be maintained. Check that the batteries are well-connected, and the terminals are clean.


Tyres should be maintained. Maintenance includes checking the air pressure with each fill-up, checking the tyre depth, and having your tyres regularly rotated. If you find that the car is vibrating, pulling to one side, or tyres are wearing, it is time to have the tyres checked and rotated.

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