Is your 125cc bike ready for the adventure of the raining season?

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The rainy season may be beautiful and poetic; however, owners of two-wheelers dread about it. It is not because it is difficult riding in such condition but maintaining their bike isn’t something funny. We understand your situation and because we are concerned about your challenges, we decided to give you pointers on how best to take care of your 125cc motorcycle in India. Therefore, you don’t have to feel awkward this raining season because we are preparing you for the future.

Essential Part to maintaining during raining season

  • Brakes: No matter what kind of vehicle you ride, your safety is the first priority. Which is why the quality of brake you use must be of top-quality. Riding on wet roads isn’t something to play with because it is a matter of life and death. It is hard to control your bike when riding on a wet More dangerous is the situation where you don’t have a good brake system. The after effect of an accident could be fatal, which is why you must always ensure that inside the drum brakes and disks are properly cleaned. Additionally, check frequently if the brake oil is sufficient.
  • Tires: Besides the brake, another important component of your bike to check when riding during the raining season is your tires. On no condition should you ride your bike on a worn tire (s). The treads of the tires provide grip by diffusing standing water on the tire. Your tire must have deep treads on both the side and centers. For starters, you can use a rupee coin to test the deepness of the groves. Use the coin to put into the groove and ensure the depth of the groove is a minimum of 2-3mm. however, if it is below that, you should consider changing your tires. The pressure on the tire can be the difference between a perfect and unstable grip.
  • Cover your bike: In as much as it is hard to find a good parking spot with cover, it is important not to expose it to the element of the weather. Exposing it to the weather may lead to the color fading. However, before the raining season, you can coat it using Teflon to make your bike look good.
  • Anti-Rust protection layer:In olden days, rusting of a bike was a major problem that what it is today. Most bikes are manufactured using fiber bodies and this makes them rust resistant. Nevertheless, the main metal frame of the bike still needs protection; you can protect it by installing an anti-rust protection layer. Additionally, if your bike drive chain is uncovered, you have to oil it regularly and wash it because of deposit of mud that may accumulate on the chain.
  • Clean up the Air Filter:Your air filter has the tendency of not working as it ought to consider the fact that the air is heavy with moisture during raining season. The air filter may hold moisture, which may lead to clogging and not allow air to pass freely as supposed. In this situation, you may experience jerking, stalling and pulling off the accelerator when riding. Because of this, it is paramount to ensure you clean up the air filter properly and when due.

Authors’ Bio

Brain Finch in this article explains the important approach to maintaining your 125cc motorcycle during the raining season. He further indicated the significance of using anti-rust protection layer and cleaning up the air filter.

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