How to learn to drive as quickly as possible

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This article is designed to help you learn to drive to your full potential. When we write ‘as quickly as possible’ that means as safe and efficiently as possible for YOU. This isn’t a guide to whizz you through the process at breakneck speed- but just to help you learn as efficiently as possible.

Learning to drive is not a one-size fits all situation, while someone can pass with just 15 or so lessons under their belt, another will require much more time and practice for it all to properly to sink.

It’s important that you are taking as much time as YOU need to learn to drive and to build the required habits to drive efficiently and safely.

Take it Easy

An important thing to remember is that a lot of the time, forcing yourself to work as hard as possible and putting yourself under an enormous amount of pressure will not help your situation. In turn this will make you more stressed – which means that you’re more likely to make mistakes that will affect the outcome of your test.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Get your parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, friends to take you out driving in the meantime, and book as many tests as you can.


Try to practice your focus, if you are able to concentrate in your driving. Keep checking your posture, how fast you are driving, how much fuel you’ve got left, your mirror, if you keep mixing up your attention in this way, it will help you to keep more aware and therefore allow you to be a safer driver.

Give yourself time

Remember, passing as fast as possible means passing as fast as YOU possibly can, putting yourself under too much pressure will only make the issue worse. Give yourself as much time as you can and simply pace it as fast as you deem necessary. For those that want to pass their test in a super speedy time frame then a Residential Driving Course would probably be the best option.

Passing your first time doesn’t really matter so much!

So many people obsess over ‘passing first time’, but in fact when someone brags about that it just makes them seem is bit full of it).   At the end of the day whether you pass in a few months after your first test or in half a year after 4 or 5, just remember that once you have passed your test – you’ve passed you won’t care what it took to get there – it will all be worth it in the end.

Be mindful

Something that is difficult is taking note of the constantly changing surroundings, road signs and traffic – what helped me was mindfulness, and that is constantly trying as hard as you can to be totally aware and responsive as possible to the surroundings, while you are driving it’s important to use your instructor to build the habits needed to pass your test.

It’s important that you find a driving instructor who will not give you such as hard time and who will be understanding of everybody’s different driving issues in the way they learn.

Take Check

If lessons are high stress, make sure that following your lesson, you get a notepad and paper, and simply make a note of the following

What you did well today

What you could improve on

What you need to remember for next time.

Instead of beating yourself up for mistakes you can instead objectively learn from them, write them down and then you don’t have to worry about them until your next

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