How to Know the Right Time to Sell Scrap Car in Perth?

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We have a lot of Cash for Cars companies here at Perth and it can be quite tiring to choose one for your Old and Damaged Car. In that case you can call a Cash for Car Company like Instant Cash for Cars, get your car towed away and at the same time, get some instant dollars. It is also highly imperative to know when it’s time to sell your scrap car. Following are few points that you should keep in mind as to when you should start researching about the car removal companies in Perth.

The longer you wait, the less you get

It may do seem very trivial, but the longer you wait to sell your scrap car, the more it will depreciate. If you want to sell your car to Car Removal Companies, you should always aim for top dollars and best offers. The parts of a car rust quickly and deteriorate. Rust can spread quickly and the rubber component become brittle. After a while, the car will be infested with animals and pests, which will feed on electronics and wires.

If your car is running, it should fetch extra cash

When your scrap car is in running condition, it should definitely fetch you top dollars for it. Scrap yards often sell cars at auction or wreck them for parts to recondition. If yours is functional and is in better shape, it will take less effort in the disposal process.

Be aware about the blue book value of your car

Now it is understandable that scrap condition is nowhere good as a good condition. However, it is very beneficial to know the blue book value of your car because then you can deduct the repairs and damage to determine an estimate of the value of your car.

The prices can be higher in Perth

The price of expensive components is not included in the scrap estimate that you get. If your old car has reusable parts, the prices would increase. As 70 percent of the car is made up of steel, it is better to ask about the weight of the car in such as a case when you think you are offered less.

Speed Car Removal offers free car removal services anywhere in Perth at no cost at all. Our staff are highly professional and offer an eco-friendly service that is very convenient for our customers. Our car removal services are free. Simply give us a call at 0431 328 128.


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