How to Improve Car Mileage

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Maintaining a car isn’t easy and most of the cost goes towards the fuel. Although there are eco-friendly cars available but we prefer to use petrol or diesel versions. The price of petrol/diesel is always fluctuating and is always on the rise. However, there are some ways on how you could save fuel and maintain a decent mileage of your car. Check out the post right here

Always Fill the Fuel Suggested by the Car Company

The makers will never want unsatisfied customers. They always suggest you the best for your car. Don’t follow what you see or hear instead stick to what the manual says. If your car manual says use unleaded petrol then that is what you need to use but if your car suggests that you use cheaper petrol then listen to them. They are the manufacturers and have tested your car this is why they are advising you on what is best for your car type. Don’t blindly follow advertisements and pick premium gas. The same thing goes for the oil too. The manufacturer always recommends the oil that will help your vehicle give you good mileage and performance.

Use the Brakes and Acceleration Wisely

Our cars do have the feature to stop in a matter of seconds after the brakes are applied but it needs a lot of energy to do so. Applying brakes suddenly use a lot of energy to avoid this and let your car stop slowly. Even when we are at the traffic lights we tend to step on the accelerator as soon as the lights turn green. Sudden acceleration also burns a lot of fuel. You have to go easy on your car pedals unless there is a situation of emergency.

Aerodynamic Drag

Storage accessories, mounting heavy equipment, adding storage accessories etc. all add to the weight of your car. Roof racks are heavy, they might add good looks to your car but they are also adding unnecessary weight. Unusual accessories especially storage shells can all increase the aerodynamic drag. Your car needs to work harder with the added weight thus using more fuel. If your car is for daily use stay away from such avoidable weight and let your car retain its original look.

Prolonged Idling Burns More Fuel

If your car’s engine is working when it is idle it consumes more fuel. Modern cars have been designed to save fuel but there are certain ways to do it and one way is to keep your engine turned off when it is idle. We usually turn on our drives 10 or 15 minutes before we can move either to warm it or cool it. You may feel comfortable but your car isn’t and your pocket won’t too.

Change the Air Filter

One of the easiest ways to improve mileage is to change the air filter of your car. The filter collects are a lot of particles, dust etc. from the environment and get clogged. Your car will be unable to draw air properly to mix with the fuel and thus uses more energy to do so and in the event uses a lot of fuel.

Saving money on fuel is all about driving right and understanding the needs of your car. Keep the load on the engine as low as possible and see how your mileage goes up.

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