How to Get Your Car Ready for Seasonal Changes

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Once the season changes so should your mind on how your car can handle the upcoming season. Whether you are heading into spring, summer, fall, or winter, each season comes with it its own bag of tricks. Your car depends on you to make sure that it is ready to take on the up and coming season. According to an article, say you are entering fall, then you need to follow the following guidelines. First thing you need to do to be sure your car is fall ready is to check all your hoses, fluid levels and belts. Taking your car in for its regular maintenance is a great start as you enter into the season of fall. Next thing you want to be sure that you check is your antifreeze. You want to be certain that your antifreeze was not diluted during the summer months because this could cause it to freeze when the temps drop. Be sure that you check your fuel lines and tire pressure as well as ensuring that you try to maintain a full tank of gas especially for those winter months. According to an article on cars, you should have a list of items that are check no matter which season you are entering. This list should include having the following items looked at: your tires, your brakes, wash the outside of your car, vacuum the inside, get your oil checked, make sure your coolant system is good, have the automatic transmission fluid checked, top off all the fluids as well as checking your battery and windshield wipers.

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