How Often Do I Need to Replace My Spark Plugs in Sydney?

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A car’s maintenance schedule can vary, so it is always suggested to look in your owner’s manual. Spark plug replacements vary with some need to be changed every 30,000 miles or three years, and some are made to last up to 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Express Car Removals provides the following tips on replacing spark plugs:

When an owner’s manual states the schedule for changing spark plugs it is necessary for car owners to understand that the manual assumes normal operating conditions. If you are a driver that is heavy on the pedal, then you will likely need to change the spark plugs for your car sooner than the manufacturer specs state.

When it may be time to change your spark plugs
When your car starts to misfire
When the check engine light is on
When the engine is surging or running rough at idle
When it is difficult to start your car’s engine
When there is a decrease in gas mileage
When the car feels sluggish

When replacing spark plugs, it is important to replace the spark plugs with the manufacturer’s spark plugs. Spark plugs are constructed of various metals and heat ranges, and you are risking engine damage if the wrong ones are installed.

If the car is equipped with spark plug wires, those should also be inspected and replaced if needed. If you’re not sure if the spark plugs currently in your car are the correct ones, a certified technician should be able to pull one of the plugs to check.

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