Hotel Bandung: Most Comfortable Places with Affordable Price

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Have you ever planned, actually created an itinerary, about what you would do in Bandung? Shopping, culinary excursions, and travel are already in your record, right?

But to have the ability to store and travel freely it does not mean that you need to tighten your budget and remain at small and embarrassing hostels.

  1. Tama Boutique Hotel (Starting from IDR 485,000)

Tama Boutique Hotel is the only Korean-themed resort in Bandung in which you’ll be encouraged to understand Korea by its distinctive layout! The rooms have been designed in stone and wood nuances in the design of a traditional Korean home. So that it seems as though we’re hauled into the Joseon stage!

  1. FOX Harris Hotel (starting from IDR 410,000)

Your vacation is sure to be cheerful since the special and colorful idea of FOX Harris Hotel will continue to keep up your spirits!

Different wall paintings using volatile colors will instantly greet you once you arrive. So do not forget to say hi to” Mr. Fox” first before visiting the room.

Arriving in the space, the contemporary minimalist inside will instantly encourage you to break. That spacious, clean, and comfortable room for resting after being drained of travel around Bandung the whole day.

  1. Beehive (Starting from IDR 439,000)

Inside this resort, you’ll be removed to Northern Europe to relish Scandinavian-style relaxation.

Beehive is a themed resort that provides five options of rooms with various layouts. Each room indeed conveys a Nordic concept dominated by white, black, gray, and black and a minimalist idea.

  1. House Sangkuriang Dago (Starting from IDR 457,000)

Soaking in a stunning swimming pool, surrounded by shady trees as well as an architectural design that will remind one of 1980s Miami, together with contemporary oriental layouts, is striking!

The interior design is much more elegant with brown tones and a bit of ornamentation that provides a luxurious feel to the resort.

  1. Fiori Hotel (beginning from IDR 342,000)

True to its title, Fiori (Italian for “blossom”) will decorate your eyes with vibrant and vibrant floral designs.

You may select from 8 distinct rooms, including its own distinctive floral pattern or layout. Just decide on your own!

  1. Kollektiv Hotel (Beginning from IDR 351,000)

Rows of yellow containers adorned with a lot of black cubes seem bright and cool in the resort’s exterior, with its Moving indoors clutching the greenery around the resort, which adds just a bit of beauty in the center of a set of cold iron containers that are rigid.

  1. The Silk Dago Hotel (From IDR 477,000)

It’s possible to respect various particular works of art and earn photo areas at this one hotel.

Entering the resort area, you’ll be greeted with various murals, art sculptures, and modern artworks. Do not hesitate to observe the amount of a mom who reaches two floorings or a woman’s head peeking out of a wall.

  1. Wood Hotel (By IDR 258,000)

The hotel that’s constructed inside this flat will make you feel as though your home so that you feel comfortable to be selected several times when you travel back to Bandung. The rooms are known to be sterile with no elaborate decorations so that guests who are tired of purchasing can quickly rest in relaxation.

Vacation is more than just accommodation. It’s about making long-lasting memories. Before you plan a trip to Bandung Indonesia, be sure to read more about Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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