Honda Activa 4G: 5 Reason It Should Be Considered Over Its Rivals

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The Honda Activa 4G is the presently the highest-selling two-wheeler in India, leaving behind the likes of the Hero Splendor and HF Deluxe. This scooter has been raging higher and higher in the sales chart since its inception on the Indian soil and has encashed on the growth of scooters in the country to a great extent.

Despite the presence of scooters like the Hero Maestro Edge, TVS Jupiter, etc., the Honda Activa has almost outrun them, being almost a monopoly among scooters over the last couple of years. Till date, the Activa has sold over 1.5 crore units in India and is the first scooter to be doing so.

With such a lot of popularity already, the Honda Activa 4G is a good buy over many of its peers. Let’s find the best reasons why it should be considered over the others.

Abundant features

The Honda Activa is extremely feature-rich. The scooter gets a big under seat storage and some other convenience features like a USB charging socket. It also has an automatic headlamp on as a standard feature.

Impressive mileage

Honda claims that the Activa 4G is extremely fuel efficient. On paper, the scooter is claimed to return with a mileage of 60 kmpl. This, along with a 5.3 litres of a fuel tank, offers a total riding range of around 310-320 kms on a full tank. However, in the actual world, the mileage offered is close to 55 kmpl which is quite impressive as well and is good enough to beat many scooters in this range.


The Honda Activa 4G is more powerful that it’s arch-rival, the TVS Jupiter, and is on par with the Hero Maestro Edge. With a 109 cc engine, the scooter can produce a maximum power of 8 bhp along with a peak torque of 9 Nm. It can hit a top speed of around 85 kmph.

BS-IV compliant since its inception

The Honda Activa 4G was introduced with a BS-IV compliant engine, even before the Government made it a mandate. This was the biggest change over the previous generation, the Activa 3G.

Safety first

The Honda scooter is offered with the company’s patented CBS (combined braking system). With the help of CBS, the stopping distance is reduced to a great extent. Mechanically, when the left brake is applied in a CBS scooter, the brake force is transferred to both the wheels and not the rear wheel only.

Is it really that good?

Of course. The Honda Activa 4G is the largest-selling scooter for a reason. Besides being on par with most of the scooters in the price section, the scooter is very much competitive and could put any other scooter to shame on its day. It has better features on offer at its price than many others considering their price.

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