HID vs LED Headlights- Which are better?

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Drivers didn’t have much choice of headlights in the past. Their cars came equipped with halogen headlamps and even if they wanted to replace them with another type, there wasn’t a more advanced one in that time. 

With the development of car technology in recent decades, headlights evolved into another type called HID or high-intensity discharge lamps, which started to be used as an alternative to the halogen ones. However, more recently another more energy-efficient type of front lights emerged and took over the car market faster than the other ones, called LED headlights. 

Now, when drivers have a choice of three different kinds of front lights, the halogen type is slowly removed from the equation, leaving the HID and LED as best alternatives. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the choice ultimately depends on the driver. HID or LED Headlight Bulbs – which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at their benefits and drawbacks in order to make a comparison.

HID Headlights

These lights are often referred to as xenon, as it’s the name of the gas which the bulb contains. Unlike other types, xenon light is created with the help of an electric spark between two electrodes. They are an improvement compared to halogen bulbs due to their greater efficiency and power of light. 

The light they produce is so white and powerful that it can be used to illuminate big areas and serve as source for street lighting. Despite this fact, they don’t heat up as easily as the halogen bulbs, but as a result they require more time to warm up. They have an approximate longevity of 3000 hours which can be shortened and influenced by the number of times you turn them on and off. 

LED Headlights

The word LED comes from light-emitting diode, which acts as semi-conductor and turns electricity into light when it passes through it. It’s by far the most energy-efficient model of headlights, with approximate lifespan up to 50,000 hours. Read more about the average use which leads to not replacing them for such a long period. They last for so many years, as a result of their cooling and waterproof system, which doesn’t allow overheating and water damage.

They immediately became popular because of their design, available in many sizes and colors. There is an option to replace your old headlamps with LED by purchasing a kit, which is easy to use and enables you to install them yourself. 


Both models proved to be better than the halogen bulbs, but which of these two types outperforms the other? Although HID headlamps produce a very bright light, LEDs are still more powerful in terms of illumination. On the other hand, HID bulbs provide a huge range of color temperature up to 30,000k compared to 10,000k of LED bulbs. In addition, the warm-up period of light-emitting diodes is shorter than the xenon bulbs, which provides illumination from the minute you start the engine.

Moreover, xenon bulbs have an advantage because they emit infrared light which helps drivers who live in places with harsh winter. Infrared rays melt the snow and ice and thus enable drivers to avoid wasting time in cleaning it. 

When it comes to their existence on the market and the technology progress, HID headlights are around for a longer period and their technology is more developed considering the fact that LEDs are relatively new on the market. Click on the following link: https://www.autotrainingcentre.com/blog/advances-car-headlight-technology/, to read about the advancement in car headlamps technology.

When it comes to price, LEDs are more expensive, mainly because they are new on the market. However, their price is higher due to the bigger return on investment. You’ll pay more money, but use them a lot longer than the other types.

Wrap up

By taking a look at the facts objectively, LED headlamps have more advantages than the xenon ones, mainly due to their energy-efficiency and greater longevity. 

However, you as a driver should be the one to decide which one is better for you. Prior to purchasing, don’t forget to check the law regulations for headlamps in your country!

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