Get Top Dollar for Cash for Cars in Melbourne

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We pay top cash for all types of scrap vehicles regardless of age, car or conditions. Not only, we will give you instant cash but also, Vic Recyclers Melbourne collect your vehicle free from charge! Since we’re an authorized vehicle recycler, we will de-pollute your vehicle. This process is not negligible for victoria regulations. Hence, you can see our work transparency.

  • We buy your old, unwanted, wrecked vehicles
  • Easy and prompt service without BS
  • Cash for cars in anywhere of Melbourne now with us
  • For salvage, get the instant cash also for used or old one

When you make up your mind to sell your junk car to car, you only need to gather a couple of things together. Let’s share the three easy steps of Scrap Cars Melbourne:

  1. Firstly, ou need the vehicle registration number, however we also accept unregistered car also.
  2. You need to prove your ownership of your car to sell your car in Melbourne.
  3. Whenever, we will pay your money, you have to take your car’s plate off and send back to the local Vic roads.

Few reason below here, why people trust us to remove their cars

  • Large scale technical support availability
  • Multiple windows of support and offers
  • Unrepairable transmission fault
  • Pay top cash and instant
  • Roadworthy certificate requires more cost
  • Acceptance of unregistered vehicles
  • Blown head gasket


Why Cash for Cars Melbourne should be your first choice?

We know there are many local unpopular places where you can sell your junk car. But it won’t be your best choice even if they provide much or less money comparing to us. Why? Because we don’t a business on the top of money there are many other issues, which you need to consider.

Save your precious time- Your car will be gone on a day, usually, it takes only 3 hours. Our fast and easy process can make it happen.

Guaranteed Service- With our vast network channel available in Melbourne we can provide you fast, reliable and thus guaranteed service.

Get the service at the easy way- We provide a direct way to call us at 0409 526 398 or fill out the form in order to get a free quote.

Avoid any BS- That will be good for your side. As we know that maximum try to finagle with pricing, you should avoid them

Regardless of Vehicle, Condition, and Location- Enough said about it.

How do we work?

We normally take our usable parts from your sold cars also we do check the quality. Besides, we make it available at Melbourne and Victoria customers find it more affordable

We have a varied range of Holden, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, and Ford in addition, we are one of the biggest 4WD auto recyclers available in Melbourne.

At VicRecyclers, we’re glad to assist people, where you are looking for selling your car. Besides, we eager to have more people to come under our umbrella. Break the ice and call us to know more.


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