Five Tips to Help You Choose a Body Shop

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It is not unusual for various car collision repairs to give you varied estimates. One shop may quote $500 while the next one might quote of $2000 for the same work.

Full-service body work

Detroit Collision Shop is a full-service collision shop and is with Detroit Auto Body Repair. It is located on 8 miles in Detroit, MI. After many years of working the collision repair industry, Detroit Collision and Auto Body Repair are not happy with other body shops taking advantage of those customers by offering repairs that are low quality. So, you will only get offers for high quality repairs as well as the best customer service for auto repairs in Detroit. Their many clients have only good things to say about this company and that have made a real change in this industry. They put their reputation on the line with every client and every repair and that is why they strive to give clients experience like no other. You can trust a quote that you get from this company.

  • Word-of-Mouth

Any business advertises, but you will do better going to a shop that family, friends or acquaintances recommend. This is a collision shop that has established it can please all their customers. And it might give you and cost for $500 while another quote $2,000 for the work. What is the difference? Who recommends them to you?

  • Operation’s location and overhead

In service quote, where you can get taken is in labour hours.  Some shops charge $40 per hour for labour. But in a different area of town, the per-hour labour charge can be $60-$65.

  • Get several estimates

Take your car to numerous auto body shops to get repair quotes is really the way to avoid overcharges.

  • Ask the right questions

When looking for a body shop, you need to go in smart about some things. This way you can ask some questions that are key. Does the shop offer written warranty? If so, for how long? What does the warranty cover? A 1-year warranty is a minimum, with some offering a 2– year warranty on work on the body and a 3-years warranty for total paint job. Some repair and paint shops even offer warranties for a “lifetime” as a marketing point, but this is just not genuine.

Another virtual question is does this shop carry theft and fire insurance. You want to be sure you are covered if the car is destroyed in fire or stolen after a burglary. Also ask how long they have been in business and make sure it has a business license.

  • And, one more – follow your intuition

It is important to trust your intuition. If the shop is not busy – maybe there is a reason. If the shop is dirty, disorganized and cluttered – this might reflect the work they do.

This information should help you find a good body shop. It is always makes a better nervous when trying to get a damaged car repaired.

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