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The security and protection that a car’s windshield provides is often underrated, even by vehicle owners themselves. What is obvious is that the car glass keeps out dust, pollution, winds and rain. What is not all too apparent is that the windshield provides the car roof much needed structural support and keeps the passengers from being launched out from the car in case of a collision. This makes it all the more important to undertake cracked windshield repair or get the car windscreen replaced before any damage leads to an accident or injury.

How is a car’s front windshield replaced?

The most important factor to consider before you get your car windshield replaced is that you enlist only a professional windshield expert to carry out the procedure.

  • The first step is to carefully remove the old windshield. This is done by removing the plastic moulding and worn out adhesive that have kept the glass in place. When the new windshield is refitted the auto glass masters in New Delhi or any other city will reapply fresh adhesive and moulding.
  • Next, two large suction cups are placed over the clear surface of the windshield and the damaged glass is removed slowly ensuring that it does not shatter in the process. The car windshield is both heavy and delicate. This process requires more than one person to manage effectively.
  • The car windshield technician will now clean up the pinch weld or the slot on which the new windshield will rest. If the old glass has shattered, the expert will go ahead and vacuum the interior to ensure that no glass shards are left behind.
  • Once proper cleaning is done, a fresh coat of primer is applied to the windshield frame. Before this the frame is taped up if necessary. A similar coat of primer is applied along the outer edges of the windshield. It is now time to apply a sturdy adhesive along the edges of the windshield. Urethane is the adhesive of choice for most professional car glass replacement experts.
  • The new windshield will now be placed gently along the pinch weld using the same suction cups that were used to remove the old one.
  • It is now time to allow the adhesive to cure or dry and for the windshield to set properly. This could take between an hour and 3 hours. The windshield expert will tell you the amount of time that the car needs to rest before you may drive away.

As we see, car windshield replacement is a job that requires technical expertise. It is important not to attempt to replace the car glass at home using DIY kits. There will also be a list of safety instructions that the professional will give you. These need to be followed. Generally, it is advised to park the car in a shaded place or a sheltered garage overnight and not to put the vehicle through a high-pressure car wash at least for a day. If the rear glass or windows also need replacement the professional may require additional time for these services. It is always recommended to buy OEM glass for windshield replacements. These are high quality glasses that are made specifically for the make and model of your car!

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