Exclusive Features of Mazda Electric Car Demio EV

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The electric-powered vehicle from Mazda’s unique driving pleasure is named as the Demio EV. Mazda took the responsibility of electric vehicles to offer a fun-to-drive performance that is all focused on the environment and safety issues. From the Riverside Mazda dealer we got to know about all these unique features of this exclusive Demio EV the Electric Car from Mazda.

Demio EV Does Not Emit CO2

The primary purpose of manufacturing Electric vehicles is to save the environment from carbon dioxide emitted from the vehicles. These vehicles run on batteries and electric motors replacing the engines powered by fuel tanks. So Demio EV is entirely run by electricity. By burning no fuel, it has eliminated the CO2 emission completely.

How It Works

This is how the Demio EV works

  1. Powered by Lithium-ion Battery

The Demio EV runs on a compact pack of tiny, high energy-density battery cells that leaves out good amount of space for the vehicle to have a luxurious design as well.

  1. The Unique Motor

The electric motor is made up of permanent-magnet with a three-phase alternating current. It is in synchronized with a unique coil-switching system that is able to produce a powerful take-off and excellent relaxed acceleration while driving in the high range. During deceleration, the motor plays the role of a generator converting the kinetic energy of the vehicles back into the electricity mode.

  1. The Converter

The convertor controls the output of the motor by regulating current and voltage coming from the battery in response to the motor’s RPMs and the ever-changing driving conditions.

Maximizing the Magic of Acceleration

Electric vehicles movement depends on the power output of the electric motor that provides fine control of acceleration. In Demio EV, one experiences the following benefits:

  1. A feel of natural acceleration and take-off without any jerk or delay
  2. The degrees of acceleration while changing the gear are linear
  3. Acceleration is super smooth while the acceleration degree changes.

The only EV to employ a coil-switching motor

The Brake Energy Regeneration System

The Demio EV would regenerate the system with the optimum amount of electricity along with the functionality of the brake and the accelerator. When the accelerator pedal gets released, the system automatically regenerates electricity and start producing a degree of deceleration almost like an engine break. Stepping on the brake regenerates the system and electricity in proportion with the pressure that gets applied to the brake. In Demio EV, the brake energy regeneration system works with utmost efficiency while maintaining a feeling of smooth and comfortable brake without a rough jerk.

Lightweight Electric Drive Unit

As per Riverside area Mazda dealership experts, cars that get converted into electric ones weigh a bit more than the originally electric based models. Mazda to gain more and more higher driving performance, tried their level best to reduce the vehicle weight wherever possible. For example, they and kept the weigh as low as only 190 kg for the batteries and 1,180 kg, for the entire vehicle.

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