Detecting an encumbered second-hand car

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Buying a second-hand car in New South Wales is not difficult and you can get some really good bargains if you take some precautions. A revs check NSW is one safeguard that you must undertake before you pay your hard-earned money to a used-car dealer. The word “revs” implies Registration of Encumbered Vehicles.

This register contains the registration numbers, chassis numbers, and manufacturer’s serial numbers of all the vehicles in Australia that are encumbered. A professional agency can help you through a PPSR check to find out if a particular car is encumbered or not.

What does encumbered mean?

An encumbrance on a car or any motor vehicle means that the current owner has not yet finished paying all the loan taken against the vehicle. So you must try to avoid buying a vehicle even if it might be a cheaper option. In the long-run, you will have to pay off the loan that is pending. There is no guarantee that the bank or financial institution will write-off the balance as a bad debt. These are the risks you will face if you do not get a comprehensive PPSR check and a revs check NSW done:

  • You may be tricked into buying a car with the wrong specifications,
  • The quoted price may be more than the market value of the car,
  • You may be sold a stolen car and you will lose both money and the car when it is repossessed by the authorities.

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What is the revs check process?

When you want to use the services of a reputed agency, you will have to provide any one of the following information:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car if it was manufactured after the year 1989,
  • Chassis Number (the last 6 digits of the VIN) if the car was manufactured prior to the year 1989, or
  • Manufacturer’s Serial Number.

Most reliable second-hand car dealers will give you the necessary information. Once the agency has the numbers, they can get a revs check NSW report to authenticate the ownership of the vehicle. If the dealer hesitates to give you the VIN or other numbers, you can bet the car is a stolen one and they do not want you to carry out the revs check.

Why are a PPSR and a revs check processes important?

Getting the PPSR and revs check report when you intend buying a used car in New South Wales will ensure that your money is not wasted. You will get the most accurate information on the technical specifications, previous ownership, customizations (if any), accident history, car service, and repairs, whether the vehicle is encumbered or not, and all other details that have a financial impact. The reports will also alert you if it is a stolen vehicle and will save you a lot of money and anguish. So click on the links today and use the services of a professional agency to get authentic reports on the car you want to buy.

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