Design and Technology of the Upcoming Mazda Vision Coupe

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The Mazda Vision Coupe is the most promising 4-door concept sedan the automobile world is eagerly waiting for. Its Mazda’s most advanced expression so far of its Japanese Kodo design philosophy that exemplifies soul in motion. It’s a next generation coupe that incorporates next generation technologies which deserve a detailed look. We chose to call on Monterey Peninsula Mazda to talk to the experts and get some detailed insights into the design and technology of the upcoming Mazda Vision Coupe.

Aesthetic Design Line

Mazda goes by the principle that every vehicle rolling out from its premises should be a work of art and should have a life of its own. The designers of the Vision Coupe have left no stone unturned to breathe life into the external form of this aesthetically designed concept which has been sculpted by master craftsmen. From the low center of gravity, aerodynamic modelling, subtle accents, paint job and everything else, the Vision has been engineered to sheer perfection and made to look stunningly beautiful from every angle. It’s minimalistic to a fault and seamless to an extent that door handles have been done away with altogether. Who needs handles when you have smart technology at your finger-tips! Side mirrors are replaced with smart cameras.

The sleek front fascia features a wide signature grille with headlights that are set deeply within narrow sculpted eyelets appearing like a shark approaching you from front. This keeps up the minimalistic approach with purposeful aesthetic features in the front to aid in the aerodynamics. The rear portrays subtle sophistication with the sleekest possible tail lights and turn indicators. Dual chrome tipped rear exhausts complete the look.

Classic Interiors

The interiors of the Vision Coupe are calm and sophisticated and like the exterior are minimalistic to extremes. There is absolutely no clutter anywhere on the dash which is covered in soft leather and has some aluminum trim. Even the instrument cluster is old school – analog. The infotainment display is set into the dash. Wood trims line the leather covered center console that holds nothing else but the shift knob, and it fully divides the driver and passenger area. The three spoke sport steering has a bare minimum set of controls. Seating is again dual tone leather appointed, contoured with the rear seats divided by a center console with possible storage within.

Soulful Technology

Mazda is relying on none other than its time tested and soulful SKYACTIV range of technologies to be incorporated on the upcoming Mazda Vision Coupe. The Vision Coupe is expected to come with the effervescent SKyACTIV-X gasoline engine that provides the best of both worlds, the revving power of gasoline and torque of a diesel engine without compromising fuel efficiency. The experts at Mazda Monterey explained that this engine uses compression ignition to give that extra boost when required without overshooting emission norms. Mazda’s next generation SKYACTIV Vehicle Architecture is another interesting technology that provides a balanced ride and feel of the road through human centric engineering on the upcoming Vision Coupe.

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