Cars Which Will Remain untouched by Car Thieves

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Well this can be an uneasy pill to digest but yes there are certain cars which car thieves don’t like or prefer. Yes, there is a thing called preference when it comes to stealing your car among thieves. Call it code which dictates what cars to steal and which ones to not.

The reasons can range from the size of the car to its resale value to the technology embedded in cars. Usually aforementioned cars are excluded from their stealing list. I know you are getting excited, we are equally excited to reveal the list of such cars. Without further ado, here goes.

Toyota Matrix

This car in particular and other cars of such nature do not hold any attractiveness for thieves. One of the biggest reasons for no attraction for thieves is that this car jp auction car spends much of its time sitting in the garage, plain and simple.

Toyota Matrix also has issues of styling and thus, poor sale outcomes. Already the model became discontinued in 2014. So the dislike is pretty much obvious because if the public don’t want, the car manufacturer won’t make it anymore, what good it will bring to the thieves?

The reason anyone would steal your car is to chop it up for parts and then sell it or sell the entire car but if nobody’s buying then what use the Matrix will offer. It is the basic issue of supply and demand. Having said that, if you can look past the styling it is a pretty affordable car (of course, I am not referring to our thieving “friends”).

Acura RDX

This car is almost double the price of Toyota Matrix above. If you are thinking this would be more preferred by thieves. Well, you are wrong. The car is best suited for stay at home moms which means this car largely stays in the garage.

And thieves are smart. If they are to steal an Acura why would they steal a version built for moms? They can instead direct their efforts to stealing an even sportier version of the Acura that is even pricier than the former.

Audi A4

It is quite surprising to see this car even made it to this list. Audi brand and not being preferred by thieves, doesn’t gel right? It is pricey, is fast, style wise it is one of the finest cars and is in fashion (people drive it – hasn’t gone outdated). Yet, the A4 is off the thieving list?

The reason could be attributed to its sophisticated anti-theft mechanism and other bits such as where it actually stays in the garage.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is known to be a great combination of both style and location. It is quite a popular MAA auction house car with suburban moms and not a car thieves give a darn about. But don’t get too comfortable. The stealing of Tiguan mainly depends on how it looks as well as what starting price it packs.

Dodge Journey

This is one of the cars which is least stolen. The 2013 model was initially considered boxed shape (2014 version was an overall improvement). The car is easily the cheapest of vehicles/crossovers. Nothing unique about its power and performance specifications either.

Neither it is very hard to steal but again, it is also true that this one of the most housed (read: garaged) cars out there and thus, getting to it is pretty darn difficult not unless of course, you are willing to wake everyone up!

In Conclusion

We have listed down above, some of the cars which don’t sit well with the thieves.

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