Can the New Car Tech Defeat Deadly Driving Hazards

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Today, to defeat the deadly driving hazards, automakers are looking towards technology to be the only answer rather than depending upon drivers rectifying themselves. So now we are driving cars, that won’t start unless the seatbelts are on. Or your vehicle won’t let you drive if you have crossed the legally permitted blood alcohol level, and today the latest cars know in advance that you might be heading towards a crash and applies the brakes on your behalf to prevent that from happening?

As shared by the Swansboro Chevrolet dealer, the NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is also conducting extensive research to find the best technological solutions to the problems of distracted and dangerous driving. Here are some of those solutions we are already observing in the latest cars, that defeat the deadly driving habits to ensure safety for all.

Technology Instead of Drivers to Drive Perfectly

With the latest innovations improvised in automotive engineering, the results show much improvement in the highway safety over these years, that were successful in significantly reducing the number of deaths and injuries to people on the road. But the trial and error process are still continuing to achieve more success keeping the life-saving motto on the top. The thinkers are pushing technology as the best answer to prevent drunken driving, distracted-driving-caused collisions and the resistance against using seatbelts.

Defeating with DUI

The Driver Alcohol Detection System is one such Safety technology that sprouted from the cooperative research effort of NHTSA while the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety is another one to aim at developing a widespread use of in-vehicle technology that can prevent alcohol-impaired driving.  One such system even employs a touch-sensitive sensor placed on the steering wheel with an infrared light that can detect the driver’s BAC level. The other system would be based on breath but doesn’t require breathing into a tube. This too would be monitored through a sensor mounted on the headliner of the vehicle.

Preventing Crashes Beforehand

In a famous Chevrolet dealership, they informed that NHTSA has been continuously researching to avoid the dependence on the drivers to prevent driving errors. They came out successful in inventing a few that proved to be highly effective on city roads as well as on highways. Check them out below:

Forward collision avoidance and mitigation technology:

It alerts the driver or take immediate action like applying the brake to avoid a collision.

Blind spot Monitors

The latest blind spot monitoring system uses sensors and cameras that can detect any object that is nearing the blind spots of the car so that the driver doesn’t collide with those objects while reversing the car in a parking spot.

Pedestrian alert

One of the most effective technologies that can alert the driver, in case he misses out to observe the presence of any pedestrian who is nearing his vehicle. That reduces the chance of run over to a great extent.


Airbags installed in effective points in the car does help a lot to prevent the impact of a collision on the car occupants including the driver.

The Bottom Line

With the help of these technologies, the responsibility and dependence from the drivers are lifted up so that there would be no scope of having life-threatening situations because of human errors.

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