Buying Guide for your New Bike

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The easiest way for commuting in India is Bikes. Nowadays the usage of the two-wheeler is increased. Both men and women are equal in using bikes. The two-wheelers can make the women independent; they can freely go wherever they want to go. Instead of depending others if you learn driving means, you can go any ever.

Buying a new bike indicates different things to different people – sometimes a solution to reduce traffic time, for some it is a status symbol for the weekend ticket for bike bikers and for others. Deciding to buy a bike and ride with your bike to go is a lot of planning and discussions. There are some factors before taking a big step.

Cost factor:

Choose your budget is the first thing, while compared with the other factors. Therefore, before going to bike a bike you must consider the cost involved in the servicing, repairing, insurance and fuel. Otherwise, if you going for a two-wheeler loan you should also the down payment of the loan and how much amount want to pay per month.


Mileage is the major thing you should consider while buying the bike. You would not check the mileage in the highway roads. It should be calculated in the city traffic. Including that, you just want to check the petrol and oil tanks and the condition of the bike.

Weight and height:

The bike buyer should consider their physical height and weight before going to choose the bike. Because it should be comfortable for you while driving the bike. Check the maestro edge review; it has medium weight and height suitable for all kinds of people for an easy drive.

Practical or play:

Each bike is designed for a specific purpose. The bike is the primary user and you need to think about what they need. Daily tours, adventure trips, highway rides, etc. Once you decide this, you can see fuel efficiency, engine capacity, maintenance costs, and bike look and style. The parts of the bike should be branded items; otherwise, you need to do regular service in your own money.

Reviews and recommendations:

If you have experience in buying a bike means, you should consider it with your family members or friends. From their point of view, you will get an idea about choosing a bike. Ask around and check the reviews online. Even if your friends do not have a specific bike you like, you might know about it. Many websites are available with user reviews, comparison diagrams and more help you make your decision easier.

Try before you buy:

Visit the Showrooms to take various bikes for the test ride. This is one of the most important steps as you get a sense of the bike and know which is more comfortable.

Maintenance costs:

All bikes require regular maintenance, so you are collecting information about the bike; ask about checks, service, and spare parts.

Service center:

Find out where the manufacturer service centers are located. Even if you do not have a brand near your home, but if the service center is near you, it will be helpful when you need service or repairs.

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