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Warner Bros has given us many entertaining movies. The studio is located outside the London city but reaching there is never a struggle. Warner Bros Studio is famous for Harry Porter shooting. There are around 588 sets for the eight Harry Porter movies are created inside the studio. After completion of all the series, there were so many items and sets left by the company that Warner Bros Company decided to put up a permanent exhibition. The exhibition finally started in 2012 and became a big hit.

Here are few things that might help you with your Warner Bros Tour –

  1. Transportation

It is easy to reach Warner Bros studio. There is an express train available at the London Euston station that takes only 20 minutes to reach Watford Junction. Local train is also available from the Birmingham New Street that takes an hour to reach Watford Junction. Tickets for trains are available either at the counter or online.  To save time it is advised buying tickets beforehand online and carry the printout to the kiosk machine on the station.

Once you reach Watford Junction you will find Warner Bros shuttle buses waiting for you outside.  There are buses available every fifteen minutes. Here you’ll have to keep cash ready as they take £2.50 per person for a round trip. Its takes twenty minutes to reach studio from the station. To get seat in the bus, you’ll have to provide driver with booked ticket information of the studio.

  1. Tickets

Tickets for every age group vary accordingly. Therefore, when you book online you should know which age group your entire family falls in and select the option carefully. It is advisable to get your tickets booked beforehand. They are available on any third-party online sites like TripIndicator. If you’re booking your hotel and tour packages from there then you might also get a good deal.

  1. Timing

Every month of the year there is some event that is organized, but the studio. So be prepared to get a surprise when you reach your destination. However, during season it is peak time and therefore you will find crowd. Normally the opening hours are 9am and the first tour starts at 9am which ends around 11am. The last tour of the day starts at 2pm and ends at 6pm.

Normally, it takes more than four to five hours because once you enter the film studio you get mesmerized by every item. Hence, it is advised to reach an hour before your schedule so that your time isn’t wasted in queue. Moreover, if you reach early and selected the early slot in your ticket while booking then you have more time to spend inside.

  1. Tips
  • Kids are provided with passport to find golden snitches and enjoy some activities. Make sure to involve your kids in it because that can also be fun apart from looking into the exhibition.
  • When you enter the studio firstly you are requested to wait patiently in the lobby in a queue and from there you are taken to a room where short movies are played which is the beginning of your excitement. Once the movie is finished, you are taken to another room where a video is played which shows some shots of stars and their stories while shooting for movie.
  • Once all videos are finished then the door for great hall is opened and now you have ample time to explore everything in the studio.
  • Staring from dining hall to Gryffindor’s room, everything is set up exactly the way we have seen in the movie.
  • There are many cafes and restaurant but I will suggest packing your snack before leaving hotel or home so that you save money for souvenirs. Of course, you cannot eat while walking but there is a lunch room for people to sit and have their food.

Passing through the Hogwarts models indicates the end of your tour. If you want, you can buy some gifts to take back home. A Warner Bros tour is worth attending because it leaves you with great memories. To know more about different tours, you can go through the link

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