Bentley Continental GT Revealed

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Amongst the very few vehicle manufacturers capable of mastering the art of craftsmanship, Bentley has been hand-crafting luxury cars for decades and had once been renowned for saloons and SUVs built for wealthy people and businesses alike. However, a recent turn of event has led the company to open yet another category on the motor market, thus the production of the Continental GT.

What is the Continental GT?

Though we’re used to Bentley’s usual 5-door sedan and estate vehicles, the new sporty GT coupe has taken the motor world by storm recently. As far as Bentley is concerned, you’d expect nothing more than sheer luxury through and through, which becomes a little doubtful after first glance. However, don’t be fooled as the Conti GT is just the same as your ordinary Bentley model, only this one is more appealing to everyone else (as well as those of great wealth) in the world. It won’t hurt to admit that Bentley’s new production is down to the company’s concern that its vehicles weren’t reaching further afield than other luxury car makers’ fleets. That is no longer a problem – even a small one.

How is it Different to Other Bentley Cars?

It should come as no surprise to know that Bentley usually builds vehicles, hand-crafted for those of great wealth and those who can buy their own example at the click of a finger. Now, the Conti GT is a game changer, which you can quite clearly establish after taking a glance at some of the older models in the company’s fleet – most are estates, you see. Not only is the new Conti GT a coupe, but it is Bentley’s first attempt at building a luxury sports car, and with it, has introduced a new concept of ensuring luxury remains even with the least practical of vehicles.

Should I Buy One?

If you’re someone of great wealth (congrats!) or take interest in luxury vehicles, then there’s nothing that can get in the way of buying your own Conti! However, while a coupe is easy to look at and much prettier than your average car, they aren’t the most practical vehicles you can buy, especially if your lifestyle revolves around children and work! So, as with every other car, the answer is the same; it solely depends on whether you’d make good use of it.

How Much is the Continental GT?

Since the Conti GT is brand-new, it’s unlikely you’d be able to buy an example for less than £159,100 (the official sale price) no matter where you go. Unfortunately, if you just don’t have that kind of money right now, you may want to consider waiting several months until a few of them hit the used car market.

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