Benefits of an automatic car tent

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Our cars are our investment and to protect we need to invest in good quality car tent. There have been multiple tents but you have to operate most of them manually and they are hassle to pack. There has been an innovation of Lanmodo car tent which will blow your mind. The technology will not only keep your car safe but it also has several multi-purpose uses that you can get out of it. We can elucidate about it a lot and so let’s see the features that it has.

How can an automatic car tent help you?

  • The car tent is made in such a way that it will be able to fit in all types of cars be it SUV, sedan, Jeep, Mini etc. This is of great advantage as most of the time we are clueless about the product that we really need to buy.
  • An automatic car tent is easy to install and also comes with remote controllers. It can take up as less as 8 seconds to open up fully. It is battery operated in most cases and with one charge it can go up to 45 days which leaves you hassle free. The suction cups are damage free in nature.
  • The car tents essential use it to save your precious car from weather damages. This includes rain, snow, hails etc. Which can be really bad for our cars. It is made with material that can easily fight back strong winds.
  • Excessive heat is never good for a car. So if you get a tent it will protect it from the temperature damages that a car can sustain.
  • If you are fond of visiting the beach with your family then the tent can become an umbrella. The only thing you will need is a camping tent. The tent will also help you in charging your phone and would never blow away with winds.
  • If you get extra umbrella clothes then you can make a camping tent out of the car tent. It can include as many as seven people at a time and is very cosy and comfortable. It will be useful in your upcoming camping trips.

If you always wanted to have a protection for your car then a Car Umbrella or tent that is automatic is nature will be good for you. You can even choose from several designs and colours to fit your car.


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