Auto parts suppliers and car manufacturers: new challenge

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Technological connection between car and reference market It is now a fact: the global market of connected cars will reach a high peak of + 270% by 2022. Which is equivalent to 125 million new cars with integrated connectivity. The first steps that auto suppliers and manufacturers will be to make the connected cars in China and the European Union’s electronic call obligation, designed to provide a rapid response to motorists involved in an accident.

Automotive safety: the focal point

The companies that produce cars and auto parts: more info and products on work together with organizations that ratify the standards.

Using suppliers and companies that can meet the high construction standards for cars and auto parts. There are many companies that specialize in high quality auto parts to provide all manufacturers with first-rate parts and parts.

Their purpose is to bring cars to the market with structures and architectures designed to face the increased risk of attack caused by connected cars. Car manufacturers are now almost loyal to “security by design” for connected cars, and the more profitable the business becomes, the more these technologies will increase. Therefore every digital payment service will be mounted directly from the car. It is no coincidence that IBM and Visa, for example, intend in a short time to incorporate payments into automotive technology.

Use of 4G LTE

According to Counterpoint Research almost certainly 4G LTE will be mounted on over 90% of cars connected with built-in connectivity. This again by 2022. 5G connectivity will probably be tested in 2020, but car penetration will take place after 2022. Consumers are increasingly wary of connected car technology. Which leads car manufacturers to continually search for new commercial applications? A typical example is given by Ford, for example, which has partnered with Verizon Telematics to incorporate connectivity on SYNC Connect.

New cars will in fact have a pre-installed LTE 4G modem with subsequent service and maintenance services enabled. Not only are these alternative ways to create a new profit (both for car manufacturers and their partners and new market players) but there is also the fact that thanks to these initiatives a new rich source of data will also be formed . For example, access to the “black boxes” of vehicles will provide a lot of information to establish the recalls, estimating the abandonment rate and being able to identify the types of vehicles based on age.

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