Auction House Japan—the Go-To Place for High Quality, Used Cars

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We are an online hub for used cars where buyers can access the highest quality, second hand Japanese cars at the best rates possible. The company provides its customers with millions of auction cars without making them leave the comfort of their couch from anywhere across the globe.

We provide our customers with an access to a huge database of auctioned vehicles so that they can have multiple options at their disposal when they look for and bid on our auction car inventory.

We have a top-notch customer support staff that is round the clock available to you and ensure that you are well versed in every phase of the auction process. We don’t just strive to help you buy your dream car, we make sure you get it at the best possible rates.

Get the Most Talented Staff at JP Auction House

Many people find auction complicated, therefore at Auction House Japan, we assist people in understanding the auction process and use our insight as well as years of experience to let them have the best bids at auction. Along with a large database of auctioned vehicles, we have the most informed agents in the industry. With such a talented staff, you can get the best agents to work for you with all your needs and demands.

Throughout the process, we will work you with, keep you on the same page and treat you like our VIP customer. We have helped different buyers across the globe get their dream vehicle while spending a fraction of its actual rate. Contact us today and let us help you start shopping for the car you are longing for.

The Process We follow

The process of buying a car from an auction makes people cringe. Here is a simple guide to the entire process so that you can get the best out of the auction houses in Japan. To get started, you have to sign up into the auction house website and submit an initial deposit. The deposit can be refunded and it is just used to allow you to take part in the live bidding.

The fees will be used when you are close to winning a bid. Although in the case to fail, either the fees can be used to make the next bids or we will pay back to you. Moreover, one of the most important advantages we offer is that our pricing is transparent across the whole bidding process; we let our customer know where and how their money is going to be used. You have a complete access to your winning bid and the amount of commission acquired by the agent. Being a customer, you have to consider the customs duty and freight experiences in order to conclude the amount you are going to pay. There is a different shipment criterion for different countries. It may take 15 to 30 days for a shipment to arrive depending upon the distance and availability.

The Best Place to Import Cars From   

At our JP auction house, we always strive to give our customers individual attention that they truly deserve. We want them to be sure that we are always there at the end of their emails, calls, and chat whenever they need us. We are willing to address all your concern and queries. If you want to discover more regarding our vehicles, our well-conversant sales team will instantly fill in all the details and keep you informed.

Moreover, AHJ has been exporting cars to territories all across the globe, including Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Among all other Japanese online car auction sites, we have been providing the most affordable cars, with payments everyone can afford, and a customer experience you will always remember. We work hard day and night laboriously to provide you with the best prices, terms, and incentives. We believe that your new car does not have to be an incumbrance of finances, and we consider your budget to help you get the vehicle that will suit you the best in our vast inventory. Irrespective of what you want, our staff at Auction house japan is here to help.

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