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Bandung was originally recognized as early as 1641 by Sultan Agung of Mataram. The place of Bandung in these times was further to the South. The Dutch established the city in its present location in 1811. The Groote Postweg was built to connect Batavia to the West of Java, and also the commander in chief in the time required, a city to be established before the next time I return’. This is a place to grow into the town of Bandung. The complete center is located on Jalan Asia Afrika, next to the resort Grand Preanger, in which a monument commemorates the arrival of Bandung.

Due to the potential of this cold fertile plateau that encircles Bandung, the Dutch were mostly interested in the region because of its agricultural purposes. They set about cultivating tea, coffee, and rice and that these Priangan from the early nineteenth century decided to repay In Bandung instead of Batavia. The Grand Preanger resort is an example of a hotel which was constructed at the opportunity to accommodate the priangan, The Savoy Homan along with the buildings on Jalan Braga are also relics from this era. The art deco style is characteristic of several Of Bandung historical arrangement with flowing lines and the repetition of the abstract designs.

The Dutch soon took a glow in Bandung and used the climate and green coastal setting as an escape from the alluring bustle and hustle of Batavia. In 1916, they moved into the headquarters of the colonial military To Bandung, and there were even plans to create Bandung the new capital of Indonesia. The town was referred to as the Paris of Java because it had been the very European city of Indonesia both in climate and in the atmosphere. The World War I disrupted these programs and Bandung never turned into capital, and the fact is occasionally still jeopardized by its inhabitants.

With the introduction of the ITB, the very first university accessible to Indonesians opened its doors. The prestige of the ITB is affected by the existence of Ir. The crucial student party he found in his student days later changed into the PNI. Up until today, students of the ITB are notorious for their critical position. The most well-known historic building in Bandung is the GedungMerdeka, where in 1955 the initial Asia Afrika seminar was held. This conference marked the coming of the non-aligned countries confederation. The decrease of colonialism lacked euphoria one of the leaders of African and Asian nations to link their forces and banner, Bandung spirit is building a brand new world was a testament to the second that Bandung stood from the spotlights.

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