Airport Limousine Toronto

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Most trusted and well-known vehicle services like ours have particular pick up procedures. When you board off the plane at the airport you can ring up to our customer service number to inform us about your arrival. You can find the customer service number at the end of our website home page. After getting off board proceed to the terminal. There you can ask the commissioner at the prearranged desk to call your pre-booked Airport Limo Toronto. Our person will reach you in just couple of minutes. After you get to the vehicle you should give all the prior information to the chauffeur like your identity to confirm the right passenger, luggage, and your destination. After this you can lay down on your seat in comfort and rest things will be taken care by our person. Airport Limousine Toronto has gained the public trust and has produced 100% satisfied customers with the 15+ years of experience. So you can trust us with our job.

Choose the right service

For transportation our fleet consist of 20 vehicle. Vehicles we employ for your service are Latest Model Sedan Limousines, Latest Model SUVs, Latest Model Stretch Limousines, Latest Model Lincoln MKZ and 2016 Ford Expedition Max Limited. All of our vehicles are air-conditioned, have leather seating, tinted windows. Sedan Limousine and Lincoln MKZ can carry up to 4 passengers. SUV and Ford Expedition of Airport Limo Toronto can carry up to 8 passengers and Stretch Limousines can carry 10 passengers. LCD TV, DVD player services are installed in Stretch Limousines and it also has a partition divider. If you need any other service on your ride then just feel free to inquire it. If it will be possible then we will get you that particular service. The company also provides you livery services and they follow perfect guidelines.

Airport Limo Toronto

Book online

Limo lovers prefer the services for their transportation option for parties or travels. The services can be easily booked through the portal available on the website. Just visit and place an order, that’s it and you are done. If you are carrying extra luggage and you are worried about your luggage then just don’t be confused. Airport Limo Toronto for Billy Bishop Airport has started the Porter Limo Services for all customers (business person or family or individual). Customers can freely ask for this service and also opt for this service as a part of pre-arrangement of their travel plan.

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