Airbag Module Reset

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Think about how many hours you spend in your vehicle last week. Between work commutes, personal engagements and traffic, people spend more time in their cars then they think.  You may wish to keep a few car accessories in your vehicle to make your driving life easier. Below, we have outlined these basic items you should consider purchasing.

Jumper Cables – If you don’t already have these in your vehicle, get a pair and put them in your car as soon as possible. Your battery can die at the most inconvenient of times: when you’re rushing to get somewhere, at a red light, when you are far from home… the possibilities are endless. Keeping these in your vehicle can make it easy to fire your car battery backup, saving you time and money.

Tire Inflator & Pressure Gauge – This is another necessary item for your vehicle, especially when the temperatures drastically change the tires lose pressure. Keeping a tire inflator and pressure gauge will allow you to check the pressure and fix it whenever you need to, without worrying about finding the nearest gas station or mechanic.

Tire Puncture Repair Kit – Most of us have had a flat tire before. Usually, this is due to a small puncture that can be easily fixed for $25-40 at the local mechanic’s shop. However, you can purchase a kit that allows you to do this repair yourself. Not only will this save you money, but time.

Car Cover – If you live in a particularly dusty area, a car cover can be a good way to keep your car clean. Instead of having to clear off your vehicle daily, all you will have to do is take the cover off and then drive off! Moreover, it can present certain types of damage to your vehicle, such as scratches.

Floor Mats – No matter how often you vacuum or clean your car, dust and debris will fall into the carpets and stay there. Over time, this can lead to a dusty interior. Purchasing floor mats can prevent this, particularly if the mats are made of a washable material such as a plastic or rubber.

Keeping your car in good shape and preventing events that require maintenance is vital not just to the longevity of your vehicle, but for your comfort as well. Thus, if your vehicle requires maintenance, such as airbag module reset, do not put this off.  Whether your vehicle was in an accident or you purchased it from an auction, if your airbag light is on, it requires an airbag module reset. An airbag module reset is completed by using factory OEM software to wipe the crash data from the module, which leaves it good as new. Airbag modules can be replaced at dealerships, but the cost of this is around $1000. Safety Restore provides airbag module reset that is cheaper and less wasteful. If your vehicle requires airbag module reset, contact Safety Restore today for affordable service.

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