7 Reasons for Windshield Damage and Necessary Precautions

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A windshield is responsible for keeping out the dust, rain water, winds, and grime and is also important in maintaining the structural integrity of a vehicle. Windshield repairs, though cumbersome, should be undertaken as soon as the car front glass is damaged. While this is common knowledge, most vehicle owners are not aware of the top reasons for windshield damage and do not understand the need to prevent damage before it occurs. Here’s a compilation of the top reasons your vehicle glass may be damaged and tips on preventing such damage:

Gravel Damage – It isn’t uncommon for a stray stone or gravel to fly up from the street and ricocheting and damaging the windshield. This could lead to a crack or shatter the windshield entirely. The best way to avoid such damage is to go slow on gravel filled roads and maintain safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Collision – One of the major reasons for windshield damage is collision against another vehicle or off a wall or some other structure. This too could lead to a crack or shattered car glass. Driving safely and soberly is one of the best ways to avoid collision related damage.

Pressure – High pressure is one of the main reasons for car windshield damage. This could be because of cold winds against the car’s heating, thunderstorms, or even excess pressure applied by unprofessional workmen during a car detailing job. The best way to prevent such damage is to get any repairs or detailing done by professional auto mechanics. It is also best to keep the car parked in a covered garage during a thunderstorm.

Accidents and vandalism – One of the commonest causes for windshield damage is getting hit by a stray ball bowled by children playing on the street. Acts of vandalism too cause extensive damage. Always parking in a designated parking space, preferably one with supervision, will help avoid such damage. When you visit places such as a mall, always use underground parking to avoid damage.

Frost – A sharp drop in temperature or frost could also cause the windshield to crack if it is left outdoors overnight. Parking in a covered garage could protect the car glass from such damage.

Incorrect installation – One type of car glass damage that we all tend to ignore is incorrect installation. In a country like India, auto mechanics are available in every neighbourhood. Very few of them, however, are properly trained. In an effort to cut costs, many vehicle owners approach these mechanics for auto glass installation. This not only compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle but also leads to recurrent glass damage. Some vehicle owners also try to install the windshield themselves inspired by DIY videos. This leads to a major safety concern and could cause more damage. The cost of hiring a professional windshield installation company is well worth your safety.

Low quality glass – Don’t compromise on the glass quality and look for low cost substitutes instead of original car glass that is made specifically for the car make and model. The car front glass price invested in an original windshield is an investment into the vehicle’s safety. It also prevents future damage.

Be aware of these reasons and take the necessary precautions to avoid windshield damage whenever possible to avoid risky situations and expenses.

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